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The Drillertoise is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Maroon Valley.


Is it a stone or not? When humans first arrived in Maroon Valley these reptiles were hard to make out as they would burrow below ground and use their rocky back to pretend to be a stone. That does not mean they don't fight! Getting too chummy with them will make them use a stomp attack or throw big stones. A good tactic is to look away from it and use walls to bounce your balls off and hit it as it will be above ground.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Drillertoise is a big, grey creature that is covered by brown rocks. It has four legs, each covered by brown, sharp rocks. Its head and its body have big lumps of brown rocks on top of it. Its tail also has a few small rocks attached to it. It has two small black eyes.

Combat[ | ]

The Drillertoise, once attacked, will bury into the ground, leaving only its rocks visible. It's immune to damage when doing this. It will only reveal itself when Lea looks away. Once Lea does this, the Drilltoise will attack with one of two attacks. With its first attack, it quickly throws a rock at Lea. With its second attack, it sends a bunch of shockwaves towards Lea. If the Drillertoise gets hit while preforming an attack, it becomes stunned and won't bury if looked at. If Lea approaches the Drillertoise and stands in front of it, it will sometimes try to flee and can be stunned.

Strategies[ | ]

The Drillertoise should be hit with a charged VRP to stun it while looking away, even though it's possible to stun it with certain Combat Arts. If you're having trouble with defeating the Drillertoise, you can always just walk up to it and wait until it flees and then attack, stunning it and killing it without giving it an opportunity to attack you.

Locations[ | ]

Maroon Valley
Crossroad: X1
Vivid Path: X2
Maroon Oasis: X4
Bright Path: X1
River Cliff: X2
West Entrance: X1

Gallery[ | ]