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E'nel is the God of the Triangle, representing the Virtue of Strength. She is the creator of Fire.


E'nel, the hot tempered wind, is one of the Gods of Shape. She bears the power of fire and is able to create suns in unison with Di'orbis. Her flame is all-consuming which is why she initially grew jealous of the other gods. In her restlessness she created millions of suns and at one point a sun so large it exploded in the most wonderful colors. Her shape is the sharp triangle.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Boss Ally[ | ]

E'nel is an abstract enemy. She is fought at the end of the Ku'lero Temple, alongside Di'aro, K'win, G'oni and their shared creator: Di'orbis.


Bringer of Warmth, may your flame burn brightly.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

E'nel has three different attacks, all of which are Heat based:

  • She swings her sword twice in wide arcs.
  • Swings a single time and creates eight thermal rays which cover an additional 90 degrees and ignite after a delay.
  • (Di'orbis Phases 2-4): A forward thrust is followed up by thermal rays that line up with the player's position before attempting to strike.

The goddess of fire is immune to Heat, but takes double damage from Cold attacks. Cold can also stun her after a sufficient number of hits.

Location[ | ]

Ku'lero Temple
The Last Trial

Gallery[ | ]