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The Echinonix is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Azure Archipelago.


These Invertebrates evolved into huge proportions and inhabit most of the Azure Archipelago. According to some research by the Amity of Balance all the star fishes in the Azure Archipelago become agitated once provoked. Who would have guessed?

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Echinonix is a five-armed blue star fish with a black eye in the center of its body.

Combat[ | ]

It spins rapidly in place before launching itself at the player. Normally, it hits the player once, but it can also surround itself with an aura of its own element to do many consecutive hits instead. Both are Cold based, inflict Chill icon Chill, can be countered and even prevented if the Echinonix is pushed with, for example, a charged Ball or the last hit of a Melee combo while it spins in place.

Strategies[ | ]

This enemy doesn't pose much of a threat since their attacks can be easily stopped. Try to not get hit by their charged attack because of it inflicts Chill icon Chill faster and deals a lot of damage if you are using the opposite element. Combat Arts used to deal with groups of enemies are ideal, even if they aren't of the effective element.

Locations[ | ]

Azure Archipelago
  • Sandy Bar (x2)
  • Isle of Legend (x1)
  • UFO Island (x1)
  • Rough Lagoon (x5)
  • Shallow Shore (x7) / (x3 at Blobus shrine, non-respawning)
  • Calm Pocket (x2)
  • Bird Skull Approach (x2)
  • Altar of the Key (x9, non-respawning)
  • Dover's Cliffs (x2)
Only during the Salty Detox quest.
  • Isle of Legend (x8)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • There is a shrine to Sir Blobus Starnikus in Shallow Shore that is surrounded by one of each Echino- enemy, implying that he is also part of these species.