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The Ectovolt is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They are encountered in the Zir'vitar Temple, where they serve as minibosses.


Born from nightmares the Ectovolt will use shock elemental attacks to quickly attack and dodge away, seemingly phasing through your attacks. After using its bolt attack it will cage itself in walls. Use compressed wave balls to stun it, which reveals the actual enemy: A cursed stone that feeds on the bad dreams of the Shad.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Ectovolt is an electric ghost whose main body consist of a cloud of constantly-shifting black smoke. It has a single, glowing violet eye surrounded by radiating lines of the same color. It has two arms which float detached from its body. The arms glow white and are crackling with electricity. They end in a sharp point and dissolve into clouds of violet smoke at the other end.

The Ectovolt is able to mimic an inactive Rob0ck and does so before some of its scripted fights. In this state, it is identical to a RobOck, but it can be distinguished because it does not appear in Seeker Senses.

When broken, the Ectovolt resembles a large, purple metallic egg.

Combat[ | ]

During normal combat, the Ectovolt is immune to all attacks that aren't of the Wave element. It has two attacks that it will typically use: in its melee attack, it will approach the player, pause, and then lunge forward for two quick strikes. In its dash attack, it will glow with electricity and dash rapidly back and forth before doing a long dash through the player, damaging them. Eventually, it will move to an empty area of the battlefield, push the player back and generate a square of walls around itself. While shielded, it will throw lightning bolts at the player by spitting sparks at a point on the ground that moves towards them, eventually calling down a bolt. If it is hit by a Compressed Wave Ball while shielded, it will be broken, and the player can attack it for increased damage; this is also the only time that non-Wave attacks will damage it. If it isn't broken, however, it will regenerate a large amount of HP when it removes the walls.

Strategies[ | ]

Ectovolts are minibosses, and are quite challenging. Their attacks are difficult to dodge, as both of them need to be carefully timed in order to avoid them. Shielding may be preferable if you can't consistently get the timing right. The most important thing in fighting Ectovolts is to make sure to break them when they're shielded, so as to not let them regenerate. Then close in quickly and hit them as hard as you can, because their break stun is very short.

When fighting multiple Ectovolts, the fight becomes very challenging, because when you try to break one, the other can disrupt you and deal heavy damage. It is typically better to concentrate on killing one, and ignore the other, to minimize the time you leave yourself vulnerable like this.

Locations[ | ]

Zir'vitar Temple
Haunted Waves
Endurance of Waves

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Ectovolt was introduced with the Zir'vitar Temple in v0.8.0.