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Elements play a large role in the game of CrossWorlds. Both Avatars and Monsters can use them. The four elements Heat, Cold, Shock and Wave are inspired by various aspects of energy.

Elemental Modes[ | ]

For players, each element is assigned to a separate mode. Only one of these elemental modes can be active at a time, but they can be swapped any time Lea can act. While in an elemental mode, all of the player's attacks are imbued with the corresponding element. These imbued attacks, primarily VRPs, are required for certain puzzles, and the damage they deal is modified by elemental resistances. Generally, opposing elements (Heat/Cold and Shock/Wave) have reduced resistance to each other, and boosted resistance to themselves. This is no different for the player, who gets -50% resistance to each opposing element by default, although this penalty is partially offset by Armor passive circuits.

The Circuit menu handles the bulk of the utility of elemental modes by allowing you to unlock many Combat Arts and passive circuits as you gain CP, only taking effect when in the corresponding elemental mode. Neutral mode carries over half the potency of its passive circuits to the elemental modes.

Elemental Load[ | ]

Using Melee, Balls, or their associated combat arts while in an elemental mode increases elemental load, represented by the element's icon filling up with yellow. This load transfers between elements and slowly decays over time, decaying fastest in Neutral Mode. If the load reaches 100%, Elemental Overload will activate, returning the player to Neutral Mode and preventing access to all of their elements until elemental load drains completely. Charged balls and Guard and Dash arts do not increase elemental load at all.

Elem-neutral Neutral[ | ]

Neutral is the default, non-elemental mode, not associated with any particular stat or Combat action. It is generally weaker but more balanced than the elemental modes.

Elem-heat Heat[ | ]

Heat is the element of fire, associated with the Attack stat and Melee combat, and the element of choice of Tribladers. It can inflict the status condition Burn, which deals damage over time depending on the MaxHP of the victim.

Heat is the preferred element for aggressive attacks at close range, treating the player's avatar itself as the sole source of threat. It is very effective against Cold-based enemies, such as Karottos and Fleazers. Heat is used to melt Ice Walls, launch Bombs, and turn Water Blocks and Bubbles into steam.

Elem-cold Cold[ | ]

Cold is the element of ice, associated with the Defense stat and Guarding, and the element of choice of Quadroguards. It can inflict the status condition Chill, which slows down the victim's attack and movement speeds.

Cold is the preferred element for battle from a defensive position, turning that defense into a weapon when you throw up damaging barriers and slow enemy reaction speed. It is very effective against Heat-based enemies, such as Magmanizers and Pada Moths. Cold is used to freeze Water Blocks and Bubbles.

Elem-shock Shock[ | ]

Shock is the element of electricity, associated with the Focus stat and Dashing, and the element of choice of Pentafists. It can inflict the status condition Jolt, which periodically stuns and damages based on the victim's own attack.

Shock is the preferred element for snappy, highly mobile combat, zipping around dodging attacks and flanking positions to deliver ferocious combos. It is very effective against Wave-based enemies, such as Gellerics and Anglers. Shock is used to power Magnets and on Ball Chargers to create empowered Shock Balls that move along walls.

Elem-wave Wave[ | ]

Wave is the element of bounce and oscillation, associated with the Max HP stat and Balls, and the element of choice of Hexacasts. It can inflict the status condition Mark, which increases damage the victim takes from ranged attacks by 50%.

Wave is the preferred element for coordinating temporary conditions like health, positioning, and modifiers into rebounds that get stronger the further they are swung. It is very effective against Shock-based enemies, such as Shokats or Rob0cks. Shooting Wave's charged shots at Wave Teleporters teleports Lea to them, and Wave is used on Ball Chargers to create empowered Wave Balls which pass straight into and through walls.

Elemental Monsters[ | ]

Certain Monsters also have elemental properties. Most dungeon enemies can use elemental attacks and are weak to the opposing element they represent. Elemental Monsters are found all over the Playground, becoming more common in later parts of the game. In Gaia's Garden, for example, all enemies have varying elemental resistances and most use elements in their attacks, while in Autumn's Rise there are only a few elemental enemies, such as Flamin' Hillkats.