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This article contains SPOILERS for the main story of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!

Emilie-Sophie de Belmond, nickname Emilienator, is a new CrossWorlds player playing the Pentafist class. She befriends Lea shortly after entering the game, and becomes her first party member.


Emilie is an energetic young CrossWorlds player who recently joined the game and seems to be quite enthusiastic about it. She has a very competitive nature and wants to prove her skill wherever she can.

-Encyclopedia People entry

Appearance[ | ]

Emilie has straight red hair, cut shoulder-length and with a large, prominent curl sticking up. She has pale skin, green eyes and freckles. She has pentagon-shaped ear covers with stylized wings attached. Emilie typically wears a white tank top with a pentagon pattern and metal trim around her shoulders, gray and orange pants and gray shoes. She also wears an undershirt, armbands and a long, trailing sash, all in matching orange, as well as the standard Pentafist vambraces with rocket boosters.

Personality[ | ]

Emilie is highly competitive, and her first response to finding out Lea caught up to her is to challenge her to a race. However, she is just as quick to befriend her afterwards, and readily shares her knowledge of CrossWorlds. She is shown to be somewhat oblivious, and fails to recognize Lea's muteness despite talking with her extensively. She is highly excited about CrossWorlds, and eager to face any challenges the game may offer. The sole exception to this is bug enemies, as she is shown to have a fear of bugs and will complain loudly to Lea if forced to fight them.

Emilie also intermittently throws French words and phrases into her speech.

Relationships[ | ]

Emilie befriends Lea shortly after meeting her in Rhombus Square, and goes with her to Rookie Harbor. While her competitiveness does lead her to challenge Lea to a race, Emilie is also eager to share information with her new friend, and is quick to come to her defense when confronted by Apollo.

She is friends with Lukas Fink in real life, and plans to meet up with him in the game, eventually joining his guild. She interacts playfully with him, mocking him and calling him "Dark Lord" after he refuses to travel with her due to his high level.

Outside CrossWorlds[ | ]

Emilie grew up in a rural neighborhood, where she would walk by cows on her way to school. She is still a student, and has talked about CrossWorlds being a distraction from a major group project.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Emilie meets Lea in the third area of Newcomer's Bridge, shortly after Lea enters the Playground. Believing Lea to have caught up to her, Emilie challenges her to a race through the third and final section of the Rhombus Dungeon, which she wins (possibly thanks to her class-enhanced speed). She then befriends Lea, and travels with her through CrossCentral to Rookie Harbor, where she meets Schneider, a friend of hers. After Schneider has given them a guide, she joins Lea's party and will join her until after the battle with Apollo, where she leaves.

On the second day, she is already playing when Lea logs in, and Lea can ask her to join her party in Bergen Trail. She offers to Lea the chance to join the First Scholars, Schneider's guild, which the two do by completing the Temple Mine dungeon and then taking an entrance quiz.

Emilie travels with Lea through Maroon Valley on the third day, but cannot stay online for long. She has to work on a school project, and she has logged in briefly to blow off some steam after she was blamed for missing a meeting she wasn't aware about.

On the fourth day, Emilie logs in slightly too late to join Lea and C'tron in the Maroon Cave, but hurries through the challenge to meet up with them and race through the Faj'ro Temple afterwards.

Due to Lea's three-day absence following the dungeon race, Emilie and C'tron complete the Chase of the Hologram Frobbit together before she returns, but they offer to help her with it if she asks.

On the next day, she participates in the Para Island Raid together with Lea and C'tron.

After Lea goes missing during the raid and for several days again, Emilie expresses her frustration at Lea upon her return at the First Scholars HQ. However, on the following day in Gaia's Garden, the two reunite to race through the So'najiz and Zir'vitar Temples with C'tron and then the Grand Krys'kajo with Apollo.

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