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This article contains SPOILERS for the main story of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!

CrossCode has two endings: good and bad. Upon completing a playthrough and reaching Meta-Space, the player has the option to return to the beginning of Chapter 10 and obtain a different ending. If the good ending has been obtained, the player also has the option to continue to A New Home.

Bad ending[edit | edit source]

A bad ending occurs if Lea does not meet Ivan Vestorovich, or if Lea does meet him but fails his Turing test. Sergey is unable to convince Instatainment to permit Evotars, and all of their data is deleted, including Lea.

Good ending[edit | edit source]

A good ending occurs if Lea meets Ivan Vestorovich and passes his subsequent Turing test. Ivan can only be met at the beginning of Chapter 10, before Lea confirms her readiness to continue with Satoshi's Evotar rescue plan. Ivan can be found meeting with Albert in the southeast corner of Rhombus Square - Lloyd Passage, reachable from Arena Plaza to the west.

With Ivan's help, Sergey convinces Instatainment to allow a trial of Evotars in CrossWorlds, and Lea returns in A New Home.