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Fan-material-iconThis article contains fan material. Such material is NOT considered canon within the CrossCode universe.

Eric Felshaw is a fan-created original character made by Pyrocorvid.

Real Life[ | ]

Eric is an Instatainment employee working in the CrossWorlds technical support department. He works as a troubleshooter, investigating and characterizing bugs in the game. A lot of his work is done logged into the game, using fake NPC avatars and travelling through the maintenance areas outside the official Playground.

In CrossWorlds[ | ]


Eric's CrossWorlds account is a generic-looking Triblader with the username Fr33kwind. He tends towards a slow and methodical playstyle, and often spends time looking for bugs even when he's off the clock. He is usually found in a party with InSamnity, and often gets dragged into her latest obsession, although he would never admit he actually enjoys her company.