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The ExeRepair(error++); is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Gaia's Garden.


This strange device is a physical representation of the track's debugging process. Each node a step in the call stack. A malfunction made it hostile against everything but the true cause. It can spew flames, shoot bolts of lightning, shield other nodes or revive them depending on its element mode. It may also spawn Wiccats which attack on sight.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

ExeRepair(error++);s (also known as Poles) are long rods attached to the ground. Their looks vary depending on their active mode. If a Pole is in hiding mode, it won't be visible and a colored, slightly thicker light rod will take its place. In battle mode, however, the Pole will manifest physically covered with strange colored ramifications. Each Pole has a color assigned to them, with the possible colors being white, grey, red, blue, purple and green.

Combat[ | ]

Poles tend to spawn alone. Defeating one will only cause it to break permanently and reveal one or more Poles. All of them are connected like a network where each Pole is connected to the previous, the latter and the ones nearby. To destroy them, one must break Poles up to the last one in the network, causing it to collapse and vanish all of them. This task can become more complicated due to the network's multiple branches that occasionally lead to dead ends. A Pole might be connected to multiple other Poles, meaning that more than one will need to get broken to proceed.

Their colors reveal the element they attack the player with. White and grey are Neutral, red is Heat, blue is Cold, purple is Shock and green is Wave. In hiding mode, they attack with one slow elemental projectile and have buffed damage resistance. In battle mode, however, white, blue and green attack with three projectiles, grey stays the same, red fires a homing fireball barrage and purple fires three homing thunderbolts, while all of them become more vulnerable to attacks. They always spawn in hiding mode and swap into battle mode after taking a hit, which also causes them to use their strong attack instantly. Blue and green poles have unique passive abilities. The blue one will grant an immunity shield to the Poles it is connected to and the green one will be able to revive them. Hitting the green one while it is reviving an ally makes it fail and try again, but only once per revival attempt.

White and grey Poles might spawn along with connected Wiccats that must be defeated in order to make the corresponding Pole vulnerable. The final Pole in a network is always white.

Strategies[ | ]

In practice, Poles aren't as confusing as it sounds like. They attack in long intervals and are highly predictable. To dodge red's fireballs, hide behind a wall or on a different terrain level. For purple's thunderbolts, get close to it so they activate as soon as they come out. In green's case, it will usually become vulnerable only after beating the Pole that precedes it, so you will need to break that Pole and break the green one before it revives the other. And finally, blue grants its shield even if it hasn't materialized. In general, consider that Balls are just as effective as Melee and that these Poles have no elemental weaknesses, allowing you to fight them on any element you want.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
Only during the An Infested Village quest:
  • Sacred Pond (x3)
Only during the The Root Cause quest:
  • Zir'vitar Temple Entrance (x26)
  • Old Timber (x19)
  • Lost Lookout (x16)
  • Infested Marshes South (x28)
  • Infested Marshes North (x34)
  • The Descent (x28)
  • Root (x2)

Gallery[ | ]