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The Experienced Fleazer is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Temple Mine during the quest New Metal.

Experienced Fleazer

Almost indistinguishable from its lesser form, this little bug is older and much, much stronger. The experiences they made in the tedious life inside the frozen mine really left their mark and not only hardened their combat abilities, but also their outlook on life. Though little is known about communication between bugs, scientists assume that they spend a large portion of their time complaining about less experienced bugs being lazy and ruining the infestation industry.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Experienced Fleazer is a small, blue insect that seemingly has one eye and a light blue abdomen. It looks identical to a regular Fleazer.

Combat[ | ]

The Experienced Fleazer usually follows Lea without doing much. Its attack, which is rarely performed, consists in jumping backwards, flashing white, then charging Lea. The attack can be guarded. This behaviour is no different than that of its lesser form.

It only appears when spawned by the Smelter Digmo, so it starts off being staggered for a while.

Strategies[ | ]

Because of its big weakness to heat, it can easily be taken out by any heat based attack. Since the Experienced Fleazers appear in large groups, it's best to use heat based combat arts such as Burn!, Fire Whirl and Crimson Strike, which are great for dealing with big groups of enemies. Try to defeat as many as possible before the Smelter Digmo recovers.

Locations[ | ]

Temple Mine
Chamber of Fire (during quest New Metal only)

Gallery[ | ]