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The Failed Rhino is an organic enemy that is not officially incorporated into CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Vermillion Wasteland.

Failed Rhino

Seems like this enemy wasn't quite ready, as it is missing its backside. This left this poor being in permanent malfunction making it extremely aggressive. It will launch itself at you or jump on you, infused with various elements. Its backside is the only way to stun it. But be aware: too much pressure and it will leave a burst of particles.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Failed Rhino resembles a rhinoceros if it was cut in half and only the front half was kept. It has two thick grey legs with a green ring around each of them, along with hooves with three blue nails. Above each leg there is a green shoulderpad attached with screws, and both legs are attached to the sides of a grey cylinder that acts as the Rhino's main body. This part has a prolonged opening on its rear from where white and pink particles come out. Its head, which is connected to the front part of the main body, is shaped like a trapezium, with its larger base being close to the body. It has two blue ears, a green jaw and green eyes, while also having a small green horn and a large blue one on top, with the blue one being closer to the mouth.

Combat[ | ]

In a fight, it either jumps thrice in an attempt to squash the player or fires a spread of ice shards that only bounce once, similar to Hail-flurry-icon Hail Flurry. After attacking three times with a mix of both, it teleports and rams the player with its horn twice. Hitting the opening on its back enough will cause it to break, where it charges and releases a burst of particles in an arc from its opening before becoming stunned. It always follows up with the teleporting attack after recovering.

Its pattern changes after getting to half of its health. It now jumps a fourth time, summoning icicles around itself when it lands, and its ice shards are accompanied with a single teleport and ram. It also only attacks twice before doing three teleport rams.

Strategies[ | ]

This enemy faces you while it isn't attacking so hitting its rear is harder, however, you can bounce Balls off the walls before it begins to attack to begin filling the break meter. Its ice shards bounce in rather unpredictable directions when they hit a corner, so lure them into a flat wall instead. And while its energy burst has quite a big range, you can dodge it simply by getting far away or running in front of the Failed Rhino before it shoots.

Locations[ | ]

Vermillion Wasteland
  • North Challenge B1 (x1, non-respawning)
  • Lab Entrance (DLC Exclusive) (x2, non-respawning)[1]
Vermillion Tower
  • Center Elevator F1 (x1, non-respawning)[1]
  • Elevator Shaft (x1, non-respawning)[1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Chapters 10 (unless you begin the DLC) and 14 rewind after you beat them while keeping your progress, meaning that you can encounter this enemy again even though it does not respawn.

Gallery[ | ]