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The Fallfly is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Autumn's Fall.


Other than its orange color this seahorse has the same behavior as the Seafly. Its bubble volley however is both faster and contains more bubbles, which can break shields if not careful. It is said that they also mysteriously developed the ability to spit bursts of fire. This is rarely seen, though, as their respect for their environment forbids the use of this ability on the surface.

-Monster Fibula report


The Fallfly resembles a large, floating seahorse. Its skin is orange brown-ish, and its head is largely covered by a metal mask. Strapped to its back, it has a robotic-looking metal backpack, from which protrude four rapidly-beating wings.


The Fallfly is highly skilled at avoiding Melee. During combat, it will keep its distance from Lea, and if cornered, fly above her head. It has two attacks. The weaker, more common one consists of a single bubble fired at Lea, with slight homing abilities. The strong attack consists of a small swarm of bubbles. Although the individual bubbles don't deal substantially more damage than the weak attack, they are much faster and much better at targeting Lea, making them very difficult to dodge. Both attacks are indicated by the Fallfly flashing red, but the strong attack has a noticeably longer charge time. Both attacks can be disrupted with charged attacks, and the strong attack can be disrupted with melee provided Lea can reach the Fallfly during the charging period.

Fallflies are flying enemies, and as such do not need to remain on the ground. They will immediately follow Lea if she changes levels, and they will not fall down bottomless pits or into water.


Due to the difficulty in using melee against fallflies, it is advisable to focus on throwing icy Balls at them. Disrupting their attacks is ideal, but not always possible, particularly when facing multiple fallflies. The weak attack can be easily dodged, but a Shield is the best defense against their strong attacks.


Autumn's Fall