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Over the course of CrossCode's Early Access development, there were a number of opportunities for fans of the game to have content and cameos added to the game.

Sources of Fan Cameos[ | ]

Indiegogo Campaign[ | ]

All people who backed the game during the Indiegogo campaign had their names included in the credits. Additionally, several higher reward tiers offered additional fan cameos:

  • 150€: Custom consumable
  • 200€: Custom statue or image on monitor
  • 250€: Custom NPC
  • 350€: Custom quest
  • 700€: Custom enemy
  • 2000€: Custom PVP fight
  • 5000€: Custom dungeon (there were no backers at this tier)

Last Minute Heroes[ | ]

An incentive tier added near the end of the Indiegogo campaign. Backers at this tier were listed as members of the Last Minute Heroes guild, and also entered into a raffle for one custom quest, three custom NPCs and seven custom statues.

Fanart Contest[ | ]

A fanart contest was run early in development, with the first-place winner receiving a custom NPC, second-place a custom statue, and third-place a custom consumable.

Boss Contests[ | ]

When several bosses were first introduced during early access, the developers held contests where everyone who submitted a video of them defeating the boss within the first few days would be entered into a raffle for a custom NPC. Six of these were held, for the X01 Driller H.F.S., Master Magmoth, Plasma Phantom, Sir Blobus Starnikus, Ancient Guardian and Apollo 2.

NPC Dialog Contest[ | ]

In order to make CrossWorlds feel more full of life, the developers ran a contest where fans could submit a dialog suggestion for any existing NPC with no dialog. Their 20 favorite suggestions were added to the game.

List of Fan Cameos[ | ]

The exact number of fan cameos distributed is not known, as the backer numbers on Indiegogo do not include those paid for externally. Additionally, many of the cameos were not claimed, and some are still in development for the post-game DLC. The ones that currently exist in the game are listed here.

Custom PVP Battles[ | ]

Two custom PVP battles currently exist in the A New Home DLC, against Lily and Sao.

Custom Enemies[ | ]

There are two confirmed custom enemies in the A New Home DLC: Beearbot and Mizree.

Custom Quests[ | ]

Four custom quests currently exist: An unfortunate Series of Features, Last Minute Help Needed, Trouble on the Highway, and Lost and On the Run.

Custom NPCs[ | ]

All known custom NPCs and their locations are shown here.

Banana Man Banana Man
Found in Rhombus Square - Buy Land GF
Bellwielder Bellwielder
Found in Rhombus Square - Books 'n Worms
Cherry Cherry
Found in Rhombus Square - Garden Terrace (A New Home DLC)
Christophorus Christophorus
Found in Autumn's Rise - Pathway 7
Code Knight Code Knight
Encountered three times: first in Autumn's Rise - Old Observatory, second in Sapphire Ridge - Henry's Hideout, and third in Vermillion Wasteland - West Town. If Lea finds and talks to her in all three locations, she will give her a Cross SandwichCross Sandwich.
Geeklich Geeklich
Found in Ba'kii Kum - Solar Farm
Geomeio Geomeio
Found in Autumn's Rise - Last Minute Heroes HQ GF
Kit Kit
Encountered during the An unfortunate Series of Features quest
Leon Leon
Found in Rhombus Square - Gear Store GF
Lily Lily
Found in Rhombus Square - Arena Plaza (A New Home DLC); involved in the Lost and On the Run quest, and can be battled in PVP afterwards.
Niki Niki
Found in Autumn's Rise - Last Minute Heroes Plaza
Priel Priel
Found in Rhombus Square - Arena Plaza (A New Home DLC); involved in the Lost and On the Run quest
Pringle_The_One Pringle_The_One
Found in Rookie Harbor - Beginners Arc
PuellaDocta PuellaDocta
Usually found in Autumn's Rise - Last Minute Heroes HQ 1F; involved in the Last Minute Help Needed quest
Reize Reize
Involved in the Lost and On the Run quest (A New Home DLC)
Sao Sao
Found in Rookie Harbor - Marketplace, Bergen Village - Bergen North, Ba'kii Kum - Market, Basin Keep - Centrum, and Sapphire Ridge - The Cave Inn (all in A New Home DLC); challenges Lea to duels after she finds him in each location.
Schlettow Schlettow
Found in Rookie Harbor - Rising Exit
Sergiy Sergiy
Found in Grand Krys'kajo - Center Branch and Grand Krys'kajo - Seeker's Conclusion
Van Samuels Van Samuels
Found in Basin Keep - High Ground
Voltrey Voltrey
Found in Bergen Village - Bergen North
Wervyn Wervyn
Usually found in Autumn's Rise - Last Minute Heroes HQ 1F; involved in the Last Minute Help Needed quest
Zoe Zoe
Found in Gaia's Garden - Grand Krys'kajo Entrance

Custom Statues or Images[ | ]

The only custom statues or images in the game are the statues in the Last Minute Heroes courtyard.

Custom Consumables[ | ]

Green rarity items signify fan-created content, and most of these are custom consumables. This includes the Rising Super StarRising Super Star, Dk PepperDk Pepper, MaultascheMaultasche, Cheese SpaetzleCheese Spaetzle, DurianDurian, PengoPopPengoPop, Spicy Beat-0-TypeSpicy Beat-0-Type, Werewolf StickWerewolf Stick, MooncakeMooncake, Willis WaldmahlWillis Waldmahl, Pumpkin Spice Cof.Pumpkin Spice Cof. and Guacamole ToastGuacamole Toast.

Custom Dialog[ | ]

All NPCs with fan-submitted dialog and their locations are shown here.