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Please note that this item has been removed from CrossCode and is currently unavailable.

The Final Challenge was an arena challenge found in earlier demo and early access versions of CrossCode. As of Version 0.3.0, it has been removed from the game and is no longer accessible.

The Final Challenge consisted of four waves and 26 enemies. It originally appeared after the credits of the TechDemo, and was moved to the end of Puzzle Mode (which would later become the Rhombus Dungeon) in version 0.1.0. The challenge's main difficulty was due to it being in a gameplay mode where Lea could not level up, unlock skills or find equipment. It was removed from the game due to the merge of gameplay modes in v0.3.0, since it did not fit well in the very early game before leveling and items were available.

The Final Challenge included one enemy which can no longer be encountered in the game, the Uber Beta Mouse Bot. This enemy was also found in the Autumn's Rise Observatory, another Early Access enemy rush challenge that is no longer accessible.

The waves of the Final Challenge were as follows: