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The First Scholars are a guild in CrossWorlds founded and co-led by Hlin and Beowulf. Their stated purpose is to study the lore of the game and become the first to unravel the secrets of the Track of the Ancients.

First Scholar

The First Scholars are a tiny guild dedicated to the lore of CrossWorlds. Even though they're small in size they still own a small house in Autumn's Rise.

Its current members are:

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

History[ | ]

The First Scholars were created by Hlin and Beowulf, and later joined by Buggy, Schneider, and C'tron, sometime before the events of CrossCode take place. Shortly before completing the Temple Mine dungeon, Lea and Emilienator are invited by Schneider to join the guild, as he is friends with Emilie.

In CrossCode[ | ]

Lea and Emilie being introduced to the First Scholars at their HQ.

Lea and Emilie being introduced to the First Scholars at their HQ.

Once the player has obtained the pass to enter Temple Mine, they are contacted via Direct Link by Lukas who invites Lea and Emilie to the Obelisk Lake landmark in Autumn's Rise. Once there, he escorts the pair to Autumn Residences, where the First Scholars HQ is located. In order to enter both the Autumn Residences area and the guild HQ, a Guild Pass is required, which is provided by Lukas.

Upon entering the guild's HQ, the player is greeted by Buggy, one of the guild's Tribladers, who jokes that Lukas is "bringing in the girls as usual." They are greeted next by Hlin, a Quadroguard, and Beowulf, who is a Hexacast. Hlin mentions that with the addition of Lea as Spheromancer and Emilie as Pentafist the guild would have members of all five classes, and also informs Lea and Emilie that another new member around their level, a Hexacast named C'tron, has recently joined as well.

Joining[ | ]

In order to join the guild, it is tradition for prospective members to take part in a small quiz. The information covered in the quiz comes from the lore displays at the Heritage Site of the Ancients at the end of Temple Mine. Due to Lea's speech issues, she is unable to provide full spoken answers, and so Hlin allows her to complete a multiple choice version of the quiz using hand signs.

Question Possible Answers Correct Answer
Di'aro is one of the Gods of Shape. Now... what shape did he represent?
  • Hi!
  • Bye!
  • Lea!
Any of these answers will progress the quiz.
What shape does Di'aro represent?
  • Hi!
  • Bye!
  • Lea!
Any of these answers will progress the quiz (it is at this point Lea's speech issues are found out).
What shape does Di'aro represent?
  • A: Square
  • B: Triangle
  • C: Pentagon
  • D: Sphere
A: Square
Di'aro is known as the Creator of Solid Surface.

So... what exactly did Di'aro create?

  • A: Mountains
  • B: Plants
  • C: Animals
  • D: The Sun
A: Mountains
There was this time E'Nel and Di'aro worked together, eh?

What did they create?

  • A: Waterfalls
  • B: Volcanoes
  • C: Black Holes
  • D: Cream Puffs
B: Volcanoes
Remember when Di'orbis tried to convince Di'aro that the Ancients are "ready for their journey"?

He showed him one of the Ancient's achievements. What was it?

  • A: They built huge cities
  • B: They traveled through the air
  • C: They reached the highest mountain
  • D: They tamed the wildest animals
C: They reached the highest mountain
Di'aro is a God of Shape representing the Square.

So, which class has been founded to honor Di'aro?

  • A: Triblader
  • B: Quadroguard
  • C: Pentafist
  • D: Hexacast
B: Quadroguard (Bonus question, does not count towards passing)

Of the four questions that count for the quiz, Lea must correctly answer three of them to pass. Failing will require Lea to retake the quiz.

Guild Events[ | ]

Hlin addresses the members of the First Scholars (minus Beowulf) before a raid.

Hlin addresses the members of the First Scholars (minus Beowulf) before a raid.

The Para Island Raid[ | ]

Main article: Para island raid

After completing Faj'ro Temple, Lea is informed by Emilie and C'tron that the guild has invited them to participate in a raid. Because Beowulf is unable to participate on the day the raid is scheduled, the guild will split into two teams of three to complete the raid - one team consisting of the higher level members Hlin, Buggy, and Schneider, and the other team including Lea, Emilie, and C'tron. The First Scholars meet at the statue in Autumn's Fall to begin the raid.

For this raid, the two teams run separately down parallel sides of the dungeon. They must coordinate attacks on certain types of enemies in order to complete the challenges. These enemies are distinguished by their color, and in most rooms the higher-level characters will dictate which color to fight first, later allowing Lea to choose which enemies the group will target in which order.

As the group reaches the final boss area and prepares to step on the teleporters to enter the boss room, Lea mysteriously vanishes from the party.

Second attempt at Para Island[ | ]

After Lea returns to the official Playground, the guild reveals that they have found a second chance to attempt the raid that was previously interrupted. Lea is initially eager to participate; however, upon advice from Sergey that they cannot be sure the same interference that removed her from the first raid will not happen again, she reluctantly declines. The other members, particularly Emilie, are upset that Lea does not want to participate, though they assure her she can still be included in later opportunities.

Storming Vermillion Tower[ | ]

Once Satoshi and Sergey have completed their plans for entering Vermillion Wasteland to secure the Evotar server, they agree a large group of people will be necessary to carry out their plan. Because of this, they ask Lea to enlist the help of the First Scholars. The guild is assembled at the HQ and Sergey uses a hologram projector in the meeting room to explain Lea's situation and the ambush plans. Once preparations are complete, the guild follows Lea into the Wasteland to storm Vermillion Tower.

The group splits up into several smaller teams to gather Evotars in order to submit them to a field effect that will crash the Evotar server long enough for Lea to secure it and its data. Once this task is accomplished, Lea leaves the group to complete Vermillion Dungeon to reach the server area.

After the server is secured, Sergey informs the guild that he will need to take Lea out of the game until he can speak to the developers at Instatainment in an attempt to convince them to officially allow Evotars into the game. The guild tearfully parts with Lea, expressing their hope that they will be able to welcome her back into the game soon.

Post-Credits Ending[ | ]

After the credit roll, a brief scene shows the members of First Scholars gathering in their meeting room to hear from Sergey whether his petition to allow Evotars into the game has been successful. Depending on the player's choices earlier in the game, the guild receives and reacts to the news accordingly.