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The Flamezer is a Monster in CrossCode. It is encountered in Basin Keep during the Pumpkin Land Superfun quest.


A sub type of the Fleazer. Instead of combining powers to send a single bug against you, this variant creates a large fire cyclone. Against all instincts this enemy is very weak to Cold. So... kill it with ice!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Flamezer is similar in appearance to the weaker Fleazer and Flintzer. It is a small, six-legged insect with a red and gray carapace and a large, ball-shaped abdomen that glows orange. Its head has a single orange eye and a long, hooked beak.

Combat[ | ]

Like their weaker cousins, Flamezers typically rely on their superior numbers in combat, and individual Flamezers will spend large portions of combat darting around randomly. They have one primary attack, in which they back away from their target while flashing, and then suddenly dash at them, dealing fire damage on contact. Similar to Fleazers, Flintzers also have a group attack that is used during their fight. Several Flamezers will cast the effect, causing a point in the centre of the room to begin shooting flamethrowers, two early in the battle or three later on. The flamethrowers are evenly spread in all directions and slowly rotate, forcing Lea to move around the central point in order to avoid taking fire damage. The casting Flamezers are stunned for the duration of the attack, and if they are all killed the attack will end prematurely.

Strategies[ | ]

There is one single fight against Flamezers in the game, in which a large number are fought in a small room. Due to their numbers and dense crowds, multi-target combat arts are particularly effective against them, particularly Cold-elemental ones. Their standard attack, while damaging, is well-telegraphed and starts from far away; avoiding them is fairly simple. Care must be taken about the flamethrower group attack, as it can quickly drop your HP if you get caught in it. Ending the attack by targeting the casters is usually impractical, since the flamethrowers greatly restrict your movement, often preventing you from reaching them all in time; however, they may still be preferable targets, as the non-casting Flamezers will usually be following you, and turning around to attack them could allow the flamethrower to catch up.

Locations[ | ]

Basin Keep
Pumpkin Fun Finale: 44 (one-time quest event)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Flamezer was introduced with the 0.8.3 Halloween update.