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The Fleazer is an organic enemy found in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in the Temple Mine.


This strange bug hides inside rocks to lure on its prey. It attacks everything without warning. Despite its short height it capable of inflicting dangerous wounds by dashing towards its mark with great speed. The attacks are also cold based which makes them an even larger threat.
This little bugger is actually a cybernetic parasite capable of taking over mechanical systems. Once infested the machines are used to fight off hostiles and expand the colony. To fight them off your best bet is to use fire since these bugs are extremely vulnerable to heat. So basically like every bug. Kill it with fire.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Fleazer is a small, blue insect that seemingly has one eye and a light blue abdomen.

Combat[ | ]

The Fleazer usually follows Lea. It will rarely use its one attack. It will attack by first jumping backwards, flashing white, and it will start hovering in the air. After this it charges at Lea. The attack can be guarded. The Fleazer is resistant to any neutral attack.

The Fleazers show additional behaviour when they attack in a large swarm in the Infested Chamber. A group of them turn white and float in the air, generating a large sphere of sparkles that follows Lea around. After a period of time, the sphere turns into a large spike of ice and generates three spreading walls of icicles. This attack can only be disrupted by killing all Fleazers involved in the casting.

Strategies[ | ]

Because of its big weakness to heat, it can easily be taken out by any heat based attack. When you haven't obtained the heat element yet, try using the orbs that will turn your VRP into heat based attacks to take the Fleazers out quickly. Bombs are also highly effective against them. Since the Fleazers will usually appear in large groups, it's best to use heat based combat arts such as Burn!, Fire Whirl and Crimson Strike, which are great for dealing with big groups of enemies.

Locations[ | ]

Temple Mine
Random spawn from Fleazer Eggs throughout the mine
Testing Chamber: X4 (non-respawning)
Control Room B: X16 (non-respawning)
Frozen Shaft 1: X3 (non-respawning)
Overun Chamber: X12 (non-respawning)
Chamber of Fire: Spawned by the Infected Digmo
Forgotten Shaft 1: X5 (non-respawning)
Forgotten Shaft 2: X8 (non-respawning)
Infested Chamber: X56 (non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Fleazers were introduced with the Temple Mine in Early Access v0.4.0.