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Please note that this item has been removed from CrossCode and is currently unavailable.

The Freezing Shredder was a Monster in CrossCode. They used to be encountered in the removed Enemy Rush challenge from Autumn's Rise Observatory.

Appearance[ | ]

The Freezing Shredder is a Cold-elemental variation on the standard Shredder. Like its non-elemental counterpart, it is a metal robot resembling a humanoid upper torso and head. It floats on rings of orange energy. It is made of dark grey metal with spiky blue highlights. It looks like a weaker, simpler version of the Cold Shredder and the Cool Security Brute.

Combat[ | ]

During combat, the Freezing Shredder will follow the player closely and attempt to attack them. Its attack has three parts. First, it dashes towards the player, stopping just short of them if they are close enough. It then charges its attack, briefly flashing blue, and finally, it finishes with a powerful Cold-elemental punch.

Strategies[ | ]

The Freezing Shredders encountered in the Enemy Rush are complicated mainly by the fact that two of them attack simultaneously. Their attacks can't be disrupted by Melee attacks, so Dashing or Shielding when they attack is important to avoid excessive damage in this fight; players at lower levels may find it easier to keep their distance and attack with Balls.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Freezing Shredder was first introduced with the release of the Demo. It has appeared in all subsequent game releases until version 0.6.0, where the Enemy Rush challenge was removed.