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G'oni is the God of the Hexagon, representing the Virtue of Wisdom. He is the creator of Water.


G'oni, the bold lightning, is one of the Gods of Shape. Born a twin to K'win, he is the origin of the ever-flowing waters. By gifts are the oceans, lakes and rivers that stretch all throughout the land. With the help of his sister he also created the ever closing circle of clouds and rain. His shape is the calm hexagon.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Boss Ally[ | ]

G'oni is an abstract enemy. He is fought at the end of the Ku'lero Temple, alongiside E'nel, Di'aro, K'win and their shared creator: Di'orbis.


Ruler of the Tides, may your rivers stretch forevermore.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

G'oni throws wavy cards to attack. Once Di'orbis' health falls below 75%, he may box the player in a hexagon and blast them with wave laser beams set off by activating cards at opposite vertices.

The god of water is immune to Wave, but takes double damage from Shock attacks. Shock can also stun him for a while after a sufficient number of hits.

Location[ | ]

Ku'lero Temple
The Last Trial

Gallery[ | ]