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Gastropolis is an organic boss unofficially incorporated into CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in the Vermillion Dungeon.

Organic Boss

A huge snail with an enormous amount of HP. It's slow but it can use its huge body to jump on top of you or spin around the arena leaving an icy trail. It will also spit out slugs that move towards its enemy and explode. Attack its tail to stun it and attack. However, this will not even leave a scratch. You need something better to have a chance at draining its HP pool.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Gastropolis is a massive snail that has long eyes, a mouth with sharp teeth, and red and blue veins in its tail. Its shell is circular, formed by various rings with spikes on the bigger one’s side, and a hole in its center. The boss can use it to hide, negate all damage and spin rapidly.

Combat[ | ]

Its HP pool is so huge that Seeker Sense is uncapable of showing all of it. Despite this, it can be broken by hitting its tail enough, its only vulnerable part aside its head.

Phase 1

  • Spits 2 flaming slugs that jump around and explode when they reach the player. They can be destroyed by throwing Balls.
  • Shoots an ice ball from the hole in its shell which deals damage in an area and freezes the floor it hit.
  • Hides in its shell and begins spinning, then uses one of these attacks:
    • Lights itself on fire and jumps to one side of the arena. Right after, it spins towards the player, crashes into a wall and bounces to the side it has the closest. Every time Gastropolis crashes, it releases an explosion.
    • Turns blue, moves to one side of the arena and begins moving up and down, covering the entire arena and freezing the floor. Finishes by bouncing onto the side it has the closest and releasing an icy explosion.

When Sergey notices Gastropolis is impossible to defeat and notifies Lea, he alters the flaming slugs so they grant a damage boost when destroyed. After getting enough of those, the boss proceeds to use a special attack:

  • Makes it look like it’s going to use the fire-spin attack, but instead, it bounces to the right, spits a wall of rocks and forces the player to stay at the left side. These rocks separate the arena in 2 and shoot fireballs in a straight line which the player must dodge until Sergey spawns a floor panel that destroys them and turns them into damage boosts. This attack is only used once.

Phase 2

  • Before finishing its ice-spin, it attempts to crush the player once.
  • During its fire-spin, it spins towards the player twice.
  • Shoots 2 ice balls at once.

Phase 3

  • Attempts to crush the player twice during its ice-spin.
  • Spins towards the player thrice during its fire-spin.
  • Shoots 3 ice balls at once.
  • Spits 3 slugs instead of 2.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Breaking the boss while you don’t deal enough damage is not worth it. You can still attack it to gain SP.
  • The fireballs from its special attack can be perfect guarded. Since they are slow and the paths between them can become too tight, this might be an easier alternative to dodging.
  • Hitting its tail is better than its head because the flaming slugs it spews out can explode almost as soon as they come out.
  • The slugs can be taken out pretty easily with basic throw arts like Bullet Rain.
  • Try to make the ice balls fall on the borders of the arena so the slippery floor doesn’t become an issue.
  • You can quickly change your direction on an icy floor by using a Dash Art. This can help dodging the ice-spin.

Locations[ | ]

Vermillion Dungeon

  • Testing Grounds

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The on-screen damage numbers can reach into the quintillions (19-21 digits long) while Gastropolis is being pummeled to defeat.
  • At the end of the wall attack, the damage multiplier is set to 252. When accounting for this multiplier, the boss has HP equivalent to approximately 35527 for a normal enemy.
  • If Sergey Hax is enabled, the boss will die in one hit after the wall attack. The Designer will then complain that it was too fast.