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Gautham Ranganathan is a character who speaks to Shizuka in the prologue. He is a representative of the nefarious organization Satoshi got involved in.


The actual player behind the Blue Avatar, Gautham is an acquaintance of Satoshi, Shizuka and Sergey and an extraordinary designer who always strives to deliver a challenging experience.

-Encyclopedia people entry


He has short hair that sticks up on top, a round face and a small mustache and goatee. He wears a hoodie, as indicated by the zipper and hood drawstrings.


He is only seen briefly, attempting to convince Shizuka to not disturb Satoshi. During this conversation, he puts emphasis on the value of Satoshi's work, lending it substantially more importance than Satoshi's well-being and indicating his substantial disregard for Satoshi. Although he remains polite throughout the conversation, he is quick to throw enemies at Shizuka when she fails to listen, and his pleas become increasingly desperate the further she progresses.

Gautham was one of the game designers of CrossWorlds. He is the creator of the unofficial Vermilion Tower.


He is using Satoshi to complete an unknown project, having promised Shizuka's safety if he does so, but he is completely unconcerned about Satoshi's illness except in that it might affect the project.

Shizuka appears to know him, but there is a strong animosity between the two, and he is utterly unable to convince her to leave, even when using force.

Role in CrossCode[]

He tries to talk Shizuka out of finding Satoshi in the prologue, and summons several Prologue Attack Robots and Prologue Cold Attack Robots to stop her, but is ultimately unable to do so.

As the Blue Avatar, he looks for Lea in attempt to capture her.