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Captain Gerald "Jet" McFly is the captain of the cargo ship M.S. Solar. He allows his ship to serve as the initialization point for Lea's avatar, and oversees her entry into CrossWorlds.

Captain Jet

Jet is the captain of the cargo ship M.S. Solar belonging to the maintenance crew of CrossWorlds. His stoic and tidy character makes him a respected man among his crew. His trusted jetpack Betty is always at his side.

-Encyclopedia people entry

Appearance[ | ]

Jet is tall, with light skin and a lined face. His brown hair is cut short, and he has a neatly-trimmed beard and brown eyes. He typically wears a blue-grey peaked cap with silver trim and a plain red crest, along with a matching greatcoat and black pants and shoes. He is never seen without Betty, his signature red and white jetpack, which has twin rockets and short stabilizing wings and straps across his chest. When training Lea, he also wears a pair of minimalist AR goggles that resemble sunglasses.

Personality[ | ]

Jet is a stickler for order, and tends to run a tight ship, making sure the work of his subordinates is up to standard. He is described as being a little grumpy, and the danger and disruption of routine caused by Lea's presence annoys him, but he is quick to take charge and protect those under his care, personally taking on the Blue Avatar when the latter threatens Lea, and by extension, his ship. He has a very down-to-earth attitude, and little tolerance for arrogance.

Relationships[ | ]

Jet and Sergey have shared history and are on good terms, although they have not spoken for a while.

Carla is a worker on the M.S. Solar, and therefore Jet's subordinate. Although he isn't shown treating her different from the other workers, her non-standard uniform, messy room and slacking of duties imply something between them that makes him a lot more tolerant of her, a fact that Sergey remarks on but Carla refuses to elaborate on.

Jet initially sees Lea's presence as an annoyance, but he slowly warms up to her once he takes the time to give her some advanced combat training and sees her demonstrate her skill. He is quick to protect her from the Blue Avatar, assuming the responsibility of seeing her safely into CrossWorlds.

The Blue Avatar's complete disregard for protocol, arrogant attitude and blatant dismissal of Jet infuriate him, but when he begins to threaten Lea, Jet responds by attacking the Blue Avatar with a rocket launcher. The results and consequences of this confrontation have not yet been shown in the story.

History[ | ]

Jet was once a VRP-duelling champion, and is often known to reminisce about it. He also fought in the Autumn's Rise Observatory, making it likely that he was once a player of CrossWorlds, although it is possible he was merely using a ball-throwing device. Aside from that, and his history with Sergey, little is known about his past.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Jet is persuaded by Carla to give Lea some advanced combat training, which he does, culminating in a battle against the Training Turret. This is, however, interrupted when the Blue Avatar arrives at the ship. After Jet's attempts to reason with the rogue avatar fail, he leaves, returning with the Solar Fist, his rocket launcher capable of disrupting Instant Matter. He fires this at the Blue Avatar, damaging his avatar and buying Lea the time to escape. Once Lea leaves the ship, he activates an IMF Neutralizer, destroying all instant matter on the ship, including the Blue Avatar.

Later he helps Lea again as part of the rescue operation to get her out of Vermillion Wasteland, by transporting her away from Vermillion Dungeon using his jetpack.

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