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The Krys'kajo, known by humanity as the Gods of Shape, are a group of five deities worshiped by the Ancients and their descendants, the Shad. As such, they are heavily involved with the Five Virtues and the Track of the Ancients.

Gods of the Ancients

The Ancients believed in a set of 5 deities which created all worlds and guide them through life. Representations of these gods can be found all over Shadoon in both architecture and symbolism. However believing in the gods was not viewed as being part of a religion. The Ancients thought that the Gods did exist.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Statues of the Gods of Shape can be found at the end of their respective temples (Di'aro's Temple Mine, E'nel's Faj'ro Temple, G'oni's So'najiz Temple and K'win's Zir'vitar Temple), except for Di'orbis, who has more than one statue. When communed with, their respective God will speak to the Seekers and give them a Shade. (Di'aro gives the Blue Ice ShadeBlue Ice Shade, Di'orbis gives the Yellow Sand ShadeYellow Sand Shade, E'nel gives the Red Flame ShadeRed Flame Shade, etc...), allowing them to progress further into CrossWorlds and increase their strength. It has not been made clear if the holograms are representations of the Gods created by the Ancients, or if they are in fact the Gods themselves.

Di'orbis[ | ]

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Di'orbis is the God of the Sphere, representing the Virtue of Balance. He is portrayed as the source of life and the creator of the other Gods.


Di'orbis is the first of the Gods of the Ancients born into the void. It is said that he is the source of life. He is also the one who shaped the other gods as brothers and sisters. His personality is commonly described as aloof. After he created his siblings he went on to explore the void where he birthed many worlds in his image. His shape is the eternal circle.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

E'nel[ | ]

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E'nel is the God of the Triangle, representing the Virtue of Strength. She is the creator of Fire, the sun and in conjunction with Di'aro, volcanoes.


E'nel, the hot tempered wind, is one of the Gods of Shape. She bears the power of fire and is able to create suns in unison with Di'orbis. Her flame is all-consuming which is why she initially grew jealous of the other gods. In her restlessness she created millions of suns and at one point a sun so large it exploded in the most wonderful colors. Her shape is the sharp triangle.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Di'aro[ | ]

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Di'aro is the God of the Square, representing the Virtue of Endurance. He is the creator of Rock and Ice.


Di'aro, the old stone at the shore, is one of the Gods of Shape. He bears the power to create solid surfaces in unison with Di'orbis. His creations are majestic but also motionless and without life. Together with E'nel he once built a world with a hot core to show her that even she can contribute to building worlds. His shape is the towering square.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

K'win[ | ]

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K'win is the God of the Pentagon, representing the Virtue of Agility. She is the creator of Wind and Storms.


K'win, the mesmerizing flower, is one of the Gods of Shape. Born a twin to G'oni, she has the power to conjure forth the strongest winds and storms and even creating the very spark that brings life onto a planet. In her dancing meander she once flooded vast amounts of land by creating enormous tidal waves. Thankfully her brother intervened and K'win learned her lesson. Her shape is the dancing pentagon.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

G'oni[ | ]

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G'oni is the God of the Hexagon, representing the Virtue of Wisdom. He is the creator of Water.


G'oni, the bold lightning, is one of the Gods of Shape. Born a twin to K'win, he is the origin of the ever-flowing waters. By gifts are the oceans, lakes and rivers that stretch all throughout the land. With the help of his sister he also created the ever closing circle of clouds and rain. His shape is the calm hexagon.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Stories of the Gods[ | ]

Some legends of the Gods are presented in the game, and will be collected here.

Stories of the Gods

The Gods of Shape shared many stories of both Harmony and Discord. Some of these have been lost but others have been recorded for all eternity. Here you can find all of them.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Di'aro's Perception[ | ]

Di'aro's Perception

It all started when Di'orbis, the ethereal god of creation, was born into the emptiness of the void. After pondering for eons in solitude, his desire for company gave birth to the Gods of Shape. Di'aro is one of these gods. The God of the Square and the creator of solid surface. His powers could form the most majestic mountains and freeze the vastest of seas. Indeed, his creations are enduring and overwhelming sights to behold, yet motionless and without life.

E'nel is a God of Shape, the mistress of the flame, and creator of the sun. Yet she was envious of her fellow gods, who created fascinating shapes and worlds full of life and color. She longed to take part, adding a warming fire to these worlds, yet her flame was too mighty and consumed all in its path.It was then when Di'aro had a proposal. He shaped a sphere with an empty core and several holes surrounded by high mountains. E'nel filled this shape with her flame, creating a world with a heated core and life on its surface. Today, every volcano is a record of E'nel and Di'aro working in unison.

Life on Shadoon has prospered and Di'orbis felt that the Ancients were ready to start their journey. Di'aro, however, did not agree. He still saw them as infants crawling over the majestic surface he created. Di'orbis then pointed to Shadoon and asked Di'aro to watch. Di'aro saw how that the Ancients climbed the highest of mountains and reached the very bottom of the sea. Di'aro was shocked yet proud of their achievements. Reluctantly he agreed that indeed they are ready to start their journey. Di'aro then prepared an envelope of solid rock and ice, used to send the Message of the Sky.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

E'nel's Radiance[ | ]

E'nel's Radiance

It all started when Di'orbis, the ethereal god of creation, was born into the emptiness of the void. After pondering for eons in solitude, his desire for company gave birth to the Gods of Shape. E'nel is one of these gods. The God of the Triangle and the creator of ever-burning flames. She made the sun with blinding light and filled the ground deep beneath our feet with a molten stone. Her creations spread warmth, yet consume life at the same time.

At first the world was dark. Hence, Di'orbis and E'nel created the first sun to spend light. Yet at night, when the sun was hidden, the world was as dark as ever. E'nel wanted to place many more suns closeby, creating a world of constant brightness. Yet this world was monotonous, lacking dusk, dawn and the coolness of the night.

The two gods then had a new idea. They were creating millions and millions of new suns far far away in all directions. Thanks to E'nel and Di'orbis' effort we can today enjoy the night with a beautiful starry sky. Not only are the stars beautiful, Di'orbis placed them in particular to stir our curiosity for other worlds out there.

After E'nel created millions of suns, she craved for a challenge. She wanted to create the largest, most majestic sun imaginable. Thus, she started adding her eternal flame, adding more and more as the sun was growing further and further. At some point, the sun had too much fire and couldn't hold it any longer. What followed was a most spectacular and colorful explosion. Even today, we very rarely witness these colorful explosions in the night sky as a testament of E'nel's boredom.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

K'win's Judgement[ | ]

K'win's Judgement

It all started when Di'orbis, the ethereal god of creation, was born into the emptiness of the void. After pondering for eons in solitude, his desire for company gave birth to the Gods of Shape. K'win is one of these gods. Born a twin to G'oni, she is the God of the Pentagon and the creator of storms and lightning.

Her strong winds keep our world in constant motion, her fierce thunderstorms are awe-inspiring, sparking curiosity within us. Finally, her little sparks also give life to every creature of this world. G'oni, the creator of ever-flowing waters and twin-brother of K'win, was busy filling our planet with oceans and lakes. The water overflowing from the lakes was slowly moving down the hills into the ocean. However, the water in the oceans was almost motionless.

As K'win watched those boring, calm waters, she had an idea. She created light winds flying over the ocean, creating an abundance of dancing waves on its surface. At first G'oni did not like this change, as he preferred his waters calm and quietly. But as he saw creatures playing with the waves and using the winds to travel across the oceans, he reluctantly agreed to keep it.

This made K'win very enthusiastic and so she decided to create stronger and stronger winds, making the waves go higher and higher. This led to the most fearsome storms and tidal waves, flooding vast amounts of land. G'oni quickly interfered. K'win understood that she made a terrible mistake. To make it up to her twin-brother, she created many creatures to live deep within the waters.

When Di'aro and Di'orbis witnessed the advancements of our kind, they decided to send the Message of the Sky wrapped in an Enveloped of solid rock and ice. As he send out the envelop, Di'aro was ever-so-carefuly, only giving it the slightest nudge. After all, he didn't want his creation, the earth and mountains, to be damaged when the message arrived. K'win watched the envelope fly towards us, ever so slowly. She watched and watched, growing more and more impatient.

K'win then remember how our kind could withstand her most powerful thunderstorms and fierce hurricanes. She was confident, that we could receive a fast-approaching message just as well. Without hesitation, K'win reached back and gave the envelope a massive blow, launching it toward us at high speed. It is thanks to her confidence in our resilience that our kind received the Message of the Sky in time.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

G'oni's Acceptance[ | ]

G'oni's Acceptance

It all started when Di'orbis, the ethereal god of creation, was born into the emptiness of the void. After pondering for eons in solitude, his desire for company gave birth to the Gods of Shape. G'oni is one of these gods. Born a twin to K'win, he is the God of the Hexagon and the creator of ever-flowing waters.

He blessed our planet with vast oceans, strong currents, calm lakes, and long rivers stretching over every corner of this land. His creations also gave birth to an endless variety of plants, painting our lands in beautiful colors. As G'oni created oceans, lakes, and river spreading across the land, he was happy to see that plants flourished close to the water.

However, he was constantly busy refilling the lakes on the land as the water kept flowing down the hills back into the ocean. Then G'oni had an idea. He took the water from the oceans and moved it into clouds floating high in the sky. Then he asked K'win, his twin-sister and creator of wind and thunder, to move the clouds back to the land. Once the clouds would reach the lakes, G'oni would let them rain down, refilling the lakes and making the water flow and circles.

K'win, however, thought this flow was boring. So instead she decided to move the clouds all over the place and let them rain right over the land. At first G'oni was furious watching the water being spread in this chaotic manner. However, he quickly noticed how rich plant life started to appear on every corner of land, far beyond the edges of his lakes and rivers. As he saw the planet covered in trees and flowers, he quickly accepted the chaotic nature of rain falling wherever it pleases.

When Di'aro and Di'orbis witnessed the advancements of our kind, they decided to send the Message of the Sky wrapped in an Envelope of solid rock and ice. However, Di'aro was concerned. His envelope was massive in size and it could lead to great disaster, if it landed in the wrong spot. Fortunately, G'oni, being quiet and observative, detected the signal from our kind and determined the exact position where we expected the message to arrive. He told the others gods and together they aimed the envelope in the right direction so that our kind could receive it properly.

-Encyclopedia CrossWorlds entry

Possible Gods[ | ]

The Son of the East is a powerful and mysterious entity who guards one of the Ancients' temples, the Grand Krys'kajo. It is unclear how he relates to the Gods of the Circle, but given his power and status, there is a strong chance they are connected.