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Grand Krys'kajo is a location in CrossWorlds. It is a temple in the middle of Gaia's Garden which is built in and around the giant tree known as Gaia. This is the final of the jungle's three temples, in which the Shock and Wave elements must be used together in order to progress.

The name is also used to refer to the entire group of 3 temples, including the Zir'vitar Temple and the So'najiz Temple.

Grand Krys'kajo

This temple is built right into the name-giving tree at the heart of Gaia's Garden. It can only be accessed by first completing both the Zir'vitar Temple and So'najiz Temple.

A Seeker needs to show that they have mastered both elements acquired in the temples to prove their worthiness. It is said a guardian tests every Seeker personally at the top of the tree.

-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[ | ]

The temple has six floors, including a sublevel and four upper levels. The path to progress through the temple is as follows:

  • Enter and continue forward to the Main Stream.
  • There are two paths here; follow them in any order. Each will lead you through several puzzle rooms to a balcony in Main Stream. Press both buttons to unlock the puzzle.
  • Complete the Main Stream puzzle to proceed to the next room and fight the mid-boss.
  • Exit onto the main branches of the tree.
  • Go left and right in either order. Each way is a long but linear path in and out of several puzzle rooms to eventually collect a key.
  • With the two keys, you can enter the middle door and complete the final bounce puzzle there to collect the Master Key.
  • Return to the mid-boss room to open the door to the boss room.
  • After the boss, continue up to the 5th floor for the conclusion of the dungeon.

The only connected area is Gaia's Garden, via Entry Test and a teleporter in Seeker's Conclusion.

Rooms[ | ]


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Areas of Grand Krys'kajo
# Area Name Floor
1 Entry Test GF
2 Main Stream GF, 1F
3 Magnetic Transit GF
4 Sticky Roots U1
5 Magnetic Attraction GF
6 Mana Trees 1F
7 Trial of Trios GF
8 Block Conveyance GF
9 Geometry GF
10 Ghostly Lumber 1F
11 Trial of the West 2F
12 Center Branch 2F, 3F
13 Branch Transmit 3F
14 West Branch 3F
15 Symmetry 3F
16 Branch Conveyance 3F
17 East Branch 3F
18 Poetry 3F
19 Falling Leaves 3F
20 Upstream 2F
21 Crowing Tops 4F
22 Seeker's Conclusion 5F

Treasures[ | ]


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Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-default Normal 3 × Werewolf StickWerewolf Stick West Branch
2 Treasure-default Normal 4 × Chef SandwichChef Sandwich West Branch
3 Treasure-key Key 1 × Krys'kajo KeyKrys'kajo Key Branch Transmit
4 Treasure-default Normal 3 × Pepper Night TeaPepper Night Tea Branch Transmit Activate the Tesla coil in the northwest corner to spawn the chest.
5 Treasure-gold Gold 1 × LV49Timeworn BeltTimeworn Belt East Branch Drop down from the puzzle area on the roof to reach this chest.
6 Treasure-default Normal 2 × Energy EspressoEnergy Espresso East Branch
7 Treasure-default Normal 2 × Prime PistachiosPrime Pistachios East Branch
8 Treasure-key Key 1 × Krys'kajo KeyKrys'kajo Key Branch Conveyance
9 Treasure-masterkey Master Key 1 × Kajo Master KeyKajo Master Key Falling Leaves Complete the bounce puzzle to spawn the chest.

Enemies[ | ]

Unlike most dungeons, the Grand Krys'kajo lacks any respawning enemies, but all non-boss enemies encountered here can easily be found elsewhere.

Name Sprite Drops Location
Palette BlossomPalette Blossom[1]
East Branch
Huge NutHuge Nut[1]
West Branch
Slime DropSlime Drop[2]
East Branch
Glow PearGlow Pear[1]
Trial of Trios, Ghostly Lumber, West Branch
Static FurballStatic Furball[1]
West Branch
Lazy ClawLazy Claw[1]
East Branch
Metal DownMetal Down[2]
Trial of Trios
Power SpinachPower Spinach[2]
Sticky Roots, Mana Trees, East Branch
Living BoltLiving Bolt[2]
Ghostly Lumber
Plain CubePlain Cube[2]
Sticky Roots
Blue Ray
Sea DiscSea Disc[2]
Mana Trees
Son of the East (boss)
Trial of the West, Crowing Tops
Ancient Guardian (boss)
Crowing Tops
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Additional drops not possible due to combat rank being disabled in dungeon
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Additional drops not possible as this enemy can't be fought here after obtaining the Garden BoosterGarden Booster

Role in the Plot[ | ]

In CrossWorlds[ | ]

The Grand Krys'kajo serves as a test of mastery over the elements Shock and Wave. The temple is watched over by a caretaker of the Track, Son of the East. This is the penultimate dungeon of the Track, although several smaller challenges separate it from the final dungeon, Ku'lero Temple. Seekers who prove their mastery here are awarded the Star ShadeStar Shade. For completing the Temple, Seekers are rewarded by Di'aro, who extends their SP bar to 12 SP points. The Trackwalker General gives them an additional reward of two Circuit OverrideCircuit Overrides.

In CrossCode[ | ]

Lea reaches the Grand Krys'kajo together with Emilie, C'tron, Apollo and Joern. After C'tron and Joern decide to log off for the day, the other three players race through the dungeon. Apollo always comes first, and reveals that he has played through CrossWorlds before. Lea can beat Emilie if she takes less than 30 minutes after the dungeon's midpoint. After the players reunite and visit the heritage site, they log off. After logging back in the next day, Lea encounters C'tron as he finishes the dungeon, and the two have a conversation about the stars.

In the A New Home DLC, Lea and C'tron return here to look at the stars again, in the hopes that this will help recover C'tron's memory. The sight causes him to remember something important, after which he quickly flees...

Trophies[ | ]

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A Test of Power
Defeat the Son of the East in Trial of the West.
Battle on the Crown
Defeat the Son of the East and the Ancient Guardian in Crowing Tops.
At the Speed of Sound
To beat Emilie you have 30 minutes to clear the 2nd half of dungeon after meeting up with the party at the Centre Branch.
Grand Scavenger
Obtain all chests in Grand Krys'kajo; see #Chests.