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Guard Billston is a humanoid boss in CrossWorlds. He can be encountered in Maroon Valley, in the Brigand Cave, as part of the quest Just Deserts.

Humanoid Boss
Guard Billston

A corrupt guard that holds no respect for the Shad that are native on Shadoon. Did formerly hold a respectable position in the Maroon Baki Guard, before his crimes were uncovered. While his sense of justice is warped, he is still a very capable fighter. He wields the standard issue Laserlance of the guards with great skill and always carries a few of his favorite sandwiches, in case the battle tires him.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Guard Billston wears the same kind of armor that all guards in CrossWorlds wear. He looks like an adult man with a horseshoe moustache.

Combat[ | ]

He fights using his Laserlance to stab the player. He can either get close to them and lunge once, or he can shout “En garde!”, stab twice and stop for a moment while flashing red. If he is not attacked while waiting, he charges at the player with his lance, however, if attacked, he will dodge while saying “Too easy!” and also charge at the player, with the main difference being that he becomes vulnerable and landing a hit will cause him to break. Furthermore, he can eat a sandwich and recover health, failing to eat it in case he is attacked.

During his second encounter, he is accompanied by multiple Legionary Turrets v2 and goes into hiding whenever he wants to eat a sandwich. After doing so (or failing if the player hits him with a ball from over a box) he is able to summon more turrets, in case most of them have been taken down.

Strategies[ | ]

Countering his charge is not recommended since breaking him is way easier. Keep your distance and shoot balls at him until he breaks and ensure he doesn’t get to heal. Destroying his turrets will prevent them from pushing you off the boxes and allowing Billston to eat his sandwiches.

Location[ | ]

Maroon Valley

  • West Entrance
  • Brigand Cave

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Guard Billston is weak to Wave, despite this element only being unlocked later in the game.