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Gynthar is a humanoid boss in CrossWorlds. It is fought as the midboss in the Ku'lero Temple.

Humanoid Boss

A guardian as old as the Ancients themselves. It serves a both protector and guard to the final secret of the Ancients. Much like all Seekers, it can switch elements and will attack relentlessly using a weird combination of elemental attacks.

In desperation it will call upon the power of all elements to deliver a devastating attack that will be the final judgement for those that are worthy enough.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Gynthar is a yellow-brown humanoid that slightly resembles a bird. He has a thin body and a black cloak, which he opens to reveal a big pair of dark wings that change color according to the element of the weapon he is currently throwing at the player. His elemental modes are represented by four black circles with each of the element’s symbols, and since he doesn’t have arms, he seemingly holds and uses weapons with his head.

Combat[ | ]

This boss has a set pattern for his attacks: He picks an element, uses a first-round combo, waits, uses a second-round combo which causes him to get tired, making him easier to break, and repeats. Breaking him destroys the element he was currently using, and it won’t regenerate until he reaches his next phase, causing him to break permanently if the player destroys all four. He only has two attacks for each element:

  • Heat: He uses a fiery sword and attacks by either running towards the player and swinging it in an arc or charging and spinning close to them.
  • Cold: Uses a hammer and slams it into the player, releasing icicles in both vertical and horizontal lines if it was previously charged.
  • Shock: Uses a set of claws, which he uses to dash towards the player and slash them. He can also charge and slash with two sets of claws at once, slowing down time briefly before striking for dramatic effect.
  • Wave: Either moves around while throwing five cards in quick succession, or throws many at the same time, telegraphed by green lines.

Phase 1

  • He only attacks with the element he picked.
  • In his first-round combo, he either throws cards once, slams with his hammer once, slashes with his claws twice or swings his sword twice.
  • In his second round, he does one quick and two multiple card throws, one swing and one spin with his sword, two claw slashes and a double claw slash, or a single icicle hammer slam.

Phase 2

  • Gynthar spreads his wings, flies up and summons two swords and a hammer, which fall on top of the player alternatively and generate a horizontal line of fire and a vertical line of icicles, respectively, then does the same with two sets of claws and a card deck, with the first claws trying to hit the player thrice, and the deck causing cards to scatter around in a circle. Both the claws and the cards stay on the floor and damage the player once if they get to close.
  • Does one more basic attack on all variations of his first round of attacks.
  • He can now combine elemental attacks during his second-round combos:
    • Heat: Swings his sword twice, follows up with a third swing or two claw slashes, and finishes with a spin.
    • Cold: Slams with his hammer twice, summoning lines of icicles on the second slam. He might do one quick and two multiple card throws before doing the second hammer slam.
    • Shock: Uses the claw slash twice, does a third one or slams with his hammer once, and finishes with a double claw slash.
    • Wave: Does a quick card throw, follows up with two sword swings or a multiple card throw, and finishes with two multiple card throws.

Phase 3

  • Flies into the air again and summons one of each weapon. He throws the sword first, the hammer second, the deck third and the claw fourth. After this, he summons a spear and throws it under his feet, which causes white light spears to appear and shoot themselves into the player at an almost instantaneous speed.
  • He can combine elements in his first-round combo, too:
    • Heat: Swings his sword once, slashes or swings twice, and swings his sword once more.
    • Cold: Slams with his hammer once, follows up with another hammer slam or a card throw and slams one last time.
    • Shock: Slashes twice, slams once and slashes once more. The hammer slam can be replaced with another slash.
    • Wave: Does a quick card throw, follows up with two more or swings his sword twice before doing one last quick throw.
  • His second-round combos go like this:
    • Heat: Swings his sword twice and does two claw slashes, a double one, and finishes with a spin. He can also replace the three claw slashes with a single swing and a spin.
    • Cold: Slams with his hammer thrice, releasing lines of icicles on the final slam. In this combo’s variation, he has a completely different pattern, starting with the icicle hammer slam once, following up with one quick card throw, three multiple card throws and a normal hammer slam.
    • Shock: Slashes twice, slams twice with the second slam releasing icicles, and does a double slash once. Instead of slamming his hammer twice, he can do a normal and a double claw slash.
    • Wave: Does a quick throw once, swings once, spins once and throws multiple cards thrice. He can replace the swing and the spin with one more multiple card throw.

Strategies[ | ]

  • When Gynthar pulls out his sword, he moves it to his right or left. If you dash to the other side and get behind him when he attacks, you’ll be able to dodge his swings.
  • During his flying attacks, make the swords and hammers fall on the corners of the arena, and the deck of cards in the middle. This way the hazards they leave after falling won’t obstruct your path.
  • When he does his double claw slash, time slows down right before he strikes. If you use your shield at the exact moment time gets back to normal, you’ll perfect guard the attack.
  • As always, Dash Arts allow you to get through icicles without a worry.

Location[ | ]

Ku'lero Temple
  • The Monk

Dialogue[ | ]

"Another one arrives. A master of all four elements. Your mastery shall be tested." - Beginning of the fight.

"Well done." - After defeating him.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The pattern on the arena’s floor has the colors of the four elements, and only shows the one Gynthar picked.
  • All of his weapons are the same as the ones used by the Gods of Shape.