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Henry the Researcher is a character in CrossWorlds. He gives out different Trailblazing quests and is the final boss of his own questline.

Appearance[ | ]

Henry is a young man with black hair, glasses that cover his eyes entirely, round and big ear covers on both of his ears, a white lab coat, black pants and grey shoes. He seems to have a black shirt under his lab coat.

Combat[ | ]

Humanoid Boss

A clever "hacker" that was able to manipulate CrossWorlds to do his bidding after many players helped him in collecting enough data. He is actually pretty weak and will use other enemies to attack. In the end he was basically just a troll NPC meant to confuse players. Which worked out great!

-Monster Fibula report

He is unique in that he doesn't change phase depending on his health, rather doing so whenever he gets hit. Hitting him four times is enough to break him. He never fights directly, instead, he traps the player within a small space using Blue Gates (barriers) and spawns enemies while he stays floating out of combat. To hit him, the player must break a probe in the center of the arena that causes part of the barrier to turn into an Orange Gate, allowing them to throw a Ball towards Henry by bouncing it off the walls.

Phase 1

  • Spawns pairs Aranetardas constantly with no limit and stays behind the topmost barrier.
  • His probe can be broken only with Shock attacks.

Phase 2

  • Spawns Aranetardas at a faster rate and stays over the rightmost barrier.
  • If the last phase was completed too fast, the probe will be temporarily protected by a similar barrier to Henry's.

Phase 3

  • Stops spawning Aranetardas entirely and now spawns pairs of Moon Beetles instead. He stays close to the bottom barrier.
  • Makes you unable to hit the probe directly. The only way of doing so now is luring the Moon Beetles into attacking it until it breaks.

Phase 4

  • Spawns Moon Beetles at a faster rate and stays close to the entrance of the arena. The Orange Gate, however, will appear on the topmost barrier.
  • Hitting him will break him, deactivating both the arena's barrier and his own. Attacking him once will be enough to defeat him.

Strategies[ | ]

  • The Aranetardas that you don’t defeat during phase 2 become passive when you advance to phase 3.
  • Ragnarök-icon Ragnarök hits Henry through walls and trivializes the fight entirely. Consider that the probe's shield will stay up permanently after you break it once if you use this method.
  • Parry the Moon Beetle's basic attacks and lure their strong attack towards the probe since it breaks it faster and requires less strategizing.

Locations[ | ]

Sapphire Ridge
  • Henry's Hideout

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Henry is the weakest enemy in the game unless you count the Bamboo Fountain.
  • He is the last optional boss you can encounter before the end of the game.