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Hexacasts are a class in CrossWorlds. They are associated with hexagons, the color purple and the Wave Element. They represent the Virtue of Wisdom.


Hexacast follow the Virtue of Wisdom. This class has the best ranged combat style. Using quick throws and powerful ranged Arts to fend of enemies. They lack critical attack power and fall short in HP to compensate for the benefits. Hexacast primarily use the Wave Element.

-Encyclopedia Crossworlds Entry

Class Description[ | ]

Hexacasts are CrossWorlds' mage-analogue class. They are weak physical attackers, but excel with special attacks, using them to channel powerful, wide-range damage and nasty status effects. They are able to summon short-lived barriers and autonomous weapons to protect themselves. They fit well with a more defensive playstyle, hanging back from combat and being able to buff teammates.

Hexacasts wear very light, clothing-like armor, and throw hexagon-shaped VRP. Their chosen weapon is a deck of cards.

All Hexacast characters carry a hexagon shaped earring and use the color purple in their clothes.

Notable Hexacasts[ | ]

Albert Grumpesto Albert Grumpesto Beowulf
Founding member of the First Scholars. A quiet, intimidating player who tends to keep to himself.
Toby Toby C'tron
A new member of the First Scholars. A shy, smart boy studying to be a biologist. Lea's second teammate.

Minor Hexacasts[ | ]

Many other players of CrossWorlds can be encountered during the game. Many of the more notable ones, including quest-givers and recurring characters, can be found on the Minor Characters page.

Gallery[ | ]