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The Hillkat Bandleader is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be found in Autumn's Rise as part of the quest It can dig, but it can't hide!.

Organic Boss
Hillkat Bandleader

A Hillkat of unusual intelligence and charisma that was able to unite groups of lesser Hillkats for organized raids on humans.
While it is already a threat by itself it will also call additional reinforcements when under attack.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Bandleader Hillkat is a small, brown-furred creature looking out from a hole in the ground. It wears dark blue headphones to distinguish it from its other counterparts, the Rockin' Hillkat and the Flamin' Hillkat, which look slightly different. It will stay in one place, headbanging to music, when not attacking (which it rarely doesn't do).

Combat[ | ]

The Bandleader Hillkat behaves similarly to other Hillkats, burrowing when Lea gets close and throwing rocks from a distance, but its attacks are more complex. It will sometimes throw a single rock, which splits in two smaller rocks that bounce back, posing a danger to Lea, or it will throw a pair of rocks directly. It also has a stronger version of the charge attack, consisting in charging, throwing three rocks, continuing to charge (this time allowing charged Balls to break him) and finishing with an uppercut that also releases a pair of rocks.

At low HP, its triple-rock attack will now split, and its uppercut now fires three splitting rocks as well.

Lastly, this foe can call reinforcements, consisting of weaker Hillkats of the types that could be found in Autumn's Rise, but this will happen a limited amount of times; after calling for help too many times, the line "But nobody came" will appear to indicate that the boss won't try to summon more Hillkats ever again.

Strategies[ | ]

The most important thing is to always take out the supporting Rocking or Flaming Hillkats, as not doing so could result in a large number of Hillkats attacking relentlessly from multiple directions, which would make the fight chaotic enough to get out of hand easily. Aside from this, make sure to keep moving and always wait for the Bandleader Hillkat to throw his rocks when he flashes red, then hit him to put it in break state and get close to use melee attacks and deal damage.

Location[ | ]

Autumn's Rise
Hillkat Cave: X1