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Holiday Man is a minor character in CrossCode.

Appearance[ | ]

Holiday Man wears a red suit with white trim, black boots, white gloves and a long white cape. He has a large white beard and a neat mustache on an otherwise plain and stylistically undetailed face. He wears a Santa hat, which he eventually gives to Lea, leaving his head shockingly bald.

Holiday Man is a very unusual character whose role in CrossWorlds is not entirely clear. Although he has been referred to as a player, he does not wear class-specific armor and his extreme dislike of combat is strongly at odds with the fact that he has access to late-game areas. Although he does enjoy his role of giving gifts to players, it seems to be more of a job than a hobby, since he has a deadline and doesn't know who the randomly-selected recipients are. He believes that everyone knows who he is, but this is strongly called into question since none of the players who have received multiple gifts from him seem to have any idea who the gifts came from.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Holiday Man can be encountered in Bergen Village. He typically only appears around Christmas, although he can be encountered at any time by using a Bonus Code. He gives players the Gifting for Fun! quest. He also gives an additional reward to anyone who has completed the quest and collected all four Elements: a pair of Holiday BootsHoliday Boots.

Trivia[ | ]

Holiday Man bears a strong resemblance to Saitama from One Punch Man. While this is almost certainly an intentional reference, the official stance is that the resemblance is entirely coincidental. The two also share a complete lack of recognition for their deeds, while Holiday Man's aversion to fighting contrasts humorously with Saitama, who is jaded from being too powerful for any fight to challenge him. Holiday Man is commonly nicknamed Santama by fans due to the reference.

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