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Hologram Frobbit is a organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Autumn's Fall, in the Great Lake, as part of the Chase of the Hologram Frobbit quest.

Organic Boss
Hologram Frobbit

A mischievous variant of the common Young Frobbit created by the Ancients as part of a trial. It will jump around and make you chase it all around the area until finally engaging in combat. And boy does it pack a punch, combing both Heat and Cold for furious attacks.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

As the name suggests, the Hologram Frobbit resembles a regular Young Frobbit, but it is in shades of blue, surrounded by a white mist, thus it seems holographic. Its visual and sound effects are reminiscent of wave enemies.

Combat[ | ]

The Holographic Frobbit starts in cold mode, with several attacks available: a big jump, which creates ice spikes all around, a charge, similar to the charge that regular Frobbits can make, and what is basically the Hail Flurry combat art. Lea and her party, if present, will have to charge a gauge with heat attacks to make the boss change mode. Once that happens, the Holographic Frobbit goes in heat mode, where he keeps the charge, but changes the other moves to a fiery version of them. Once it is hit by enough cold attacks, it will stay in neutral mode.

Upon hitting the damage threshold at 50%, the Holographic Frobbit will interrupt whatever it was doing and restart this routine from cold mode, but with stronger moves. In cold mode, it will form a defensive bubble and float around in it. Getting close or hitting it will cause the Frobbit to quickly charge Lea and deal high damage, but hitting it through a hole in a wall, with a bounce, or dodging the charge will lead to the boss hitting a wall and being stunned for a while. In heat mode, it will sometimes charge up and shoot a large amount of fireballs, otherwise its attacks are similar to how they were in the previous heat mode.

Strategies[ | ]

When in cold mode, it is recommended to avoid the attacks by dashing away, then attacking with fire for a bit, but all while staying far away. If it jumps, simply outrun the ice spikes, if it uses the Hail Flurry, beware of the bounce and dash to the side. As with other bosses that can be broken with Heat damage, Burn! is very effective. In heat mode, do the same, or use the SP you gained to fill his gauge before it can do much. Using Hail Flurry is recommended.

In its second phase, cold mode, simply avoid attacking and place yourself next to a wall wit a hole or far away. If next to a wall, run around it and shoot the Frobbit through the hole, then shoot it for a while and repeat. If far away, aim a charged shot, let it go and immediately dash to safely. The Holographic Frobbit will also be vulnerable, so use heat attacks until it recovers and repeat. Heat mode is the same as before, just make sure to take cover behind a wall that doesn't have holes when it goes for the fireball-spam attack.

Location[ | ]

Autumn's Fall

Gallery[ | ]