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Homestedt is a Location in CrossWorlds. This area is exclusive to the A New Home DLC.

The area is a small village adjacent to Autumn's Rise that was created as a home for Evotars. During the DLC, Lea, Satoshi, Luke, and C'tron all receive homes in the area.


Homestedt is a small settlement made specifically for Evotars. The space was created with the idea to expand it as more Evotars are brought back from the recovered server data from Vermillion Wasteland.

As of now the town counts a humble five buildings and is built beside a small lake close to Autumn's Rise.

Only certified personnel and players are allowed within the borders however as the place is still in development as Instatainment Ltd figures out what to do with the Evotars.

-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[ | ]

Homestedt is a very small area, consisting of a main village with a few buildings and a wilder area to the south connecting to Autumn's Rise. All of the area is accessible early in the DLC, except for Tobi's House, which unlocks later in the DLC plot.

Connecting Areas[ | ]

Rooms[ | ]


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# Room/Landmark Name Floor
1 Entrance GF
2 Centrum

Landmark: Plaza

3 City Hall GF
4 Lea's Home GF
5 Lea's Attic 1F
6 Satoshi's Home GF
7 Satoshi's Attic 1F
8 Luke's Home GF
9 Tobi's Home GF

Treasures[ | ]

Homestedt has 6 chests in total.


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Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-silver Silver 4 × EmeraldEmerald Entrance
2 Treasure-silver Silver 4 × AmethystAmethyst Entrance
3 Treasure-silver Silver 4 × TopazTopaz Centrum
4 Treasure-silver Silver 4 × CitrineCitrine Centrum
5 Treasure-silver Silver 4 × RubyRuby Centrum
6 Treasure-gold Gold 1 × GooseGoose Centrum

Botanics[ | ]

Homestedt shares destroyables with Autumn's Rise.

Destroyable Contents
Alpha Ball Plant
20 to unlock
Loc-Icon Commonly found everywhere. 10 to unlock
Beta Ball Plant
20 to unlock
Loc-Icon Commonly found everywhere. 10 to unlock
Omega Ball Plant
8 to unlock
Loc-Icon Rarely found on high grounds. 4 to unlock
Alpha Water Blades
20 to unlock
Loc-Icon Mostly found near Water. 10 to unlock
Beta Water Blades
20 to unlock
Loc-Icon Mostly found near Water. 10 to unlock
Omega Water Blades
7 to unlock
Loc-Icon Rarely found on hard to reach places near water. 4 to unlock

Shops[ | ]

There are two shops in Homestedt.

Homestedt Items

Homestedt Items

  • Homestedt Items – Located in Centrum.
Item Credits
Sandwich FoodIconSandwichSandwich 100
Sandwich FoodIconHi-SandwichHi-Sandwich 300
GreenTea FoodIconGreen Leaf TeaGreen Leaf Tea 250
Water FoodIconJust WaterJust Water 222
Kebab ItemIconKebab RollKebab Roll 650
Risotto ItemIconMeaty RisottoMeaty Risotto 650
SpicyBun FoodIconSpicy BunSpicy Bun 200
FruitSalad FoodIconFruit DrinkFruit Drink 200
RiceCracker FoodIconRice CrackerRice Cracker 200
VeggieSticks FoodIconVeggie SticksVeggie Sticks 200
IceCreamSmall FoodIconBergen Ice CreamBergen Ice Cream 450
Lemonade FoodIconSweet LemonjuiceSweet Lemonjuice 450
Coffee FoodIconCup o' CoffeeCup o' Coffee 450
Peanuts FoodIconSalted PeanutsSalted Peanuts 450
Peanuts FoodIconSnack MixSnack Mix 350
Homestedt Weaponry

Homestedt Weaponry

  • Homestedt Weaponry – Located in Centrum.
Item Credits
LV59Laser GogglesLaser Goggles 104750
LV59Laser EdgeLaser Edge 104500
LV59Laser MailLaser Mail 105000
LV59Laser BootsLaser Boots 104750
LVL↑Cross GogglesCross Goggles 150000[1]
LVL↑Cross EdgeCross Edge 150000[1]
LVL↑Cross MailCross Mail 150000[1]
LVL↑Cross BootsCross Boots 150000[1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Available after Azure Archipelago becomes accessible.

Role in the Plot[ | ]

The A New Home DLC begins with Lea being brought back into the game in Homestedt. She meets up with Sergey, Satoshi, Emilie, Hlin, Albert, Lukas and Buggy and receives a tour of the village, after which the Evotar of Lukas, Luke, is also brought into the game. After their reunion, they leave for a meeting at the First Scholars headquarters.

At the end of the day, Lea returns to Homestedt, has a short talk with Luke, and goes to sleep. In the morning, she leaves for the Para island raid.

After the raid, Lea returns to Homestedt, where Sergey reveals that C'tron was spying on Lea during the main game, and that an evotar of him was discovered. Sergey brings C'tron's evotar back into the game, and Lea takes him to try and recover his memories.

Later, Lea and C'tron return to Homestedt and go to sleep. The next day, Apollo and Joern appear, and Emilie freaks out about C'tron's sudden appearance. Apollo challenges Lea to a fourth duel, after they explore the new area, Azure Archipelago.

After the duel, Lea once again returns to Homestedt. After a conversation with C'tron and Satoshi, she leaves to visit the M.S. Solar.

A bit later, Lea returns to Homestedt and has an epiphany about C'tron's identity. She confronts him, and with Sergey's mediation the truth of C'tron's identity is finally revealed. After this unsettling revelation, Lea goes to sleep. The next morning, she is greeted by Shizuka, who tells her about the opening of Ku'lero Temple before leaving with Satoshi to prepare for it. Lea then meets with her friends in the city hall to plan running the dungeon.

After the dungeon, Lea and Emilie go to Homestedt to find C'tron, who reveals his identity to Emilie. However, C'tron suddenly realizes that there is more to his past. With Sergey's assistance, the three decide to return to Vermillion Wasteland to help C'tron remember the truth. The next day, after some optional free time, they meet at C'tron's house and leave to do so.

Returning after their infiltration of Vermillion Wasteland, C'tron's identity is revealed to everyone, and Lea has to make the decision about what happens to him. This leads into the end of the game. Some time later, Lea and her friends are shown having a BBQ in Homestedt, and the statue in the middle of the village is finally revealed to be a statue of Lea.

Gallery[ | ]

Secrets[ | ]

One of the Captain's Reports can be found in the City Hall.