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Fan-material-iconThis article contains fan material. Such material is NOT considered canon within the CrossCode universe.

Ichiki is a "Pentafist" who starts playing CrossWorlds after the events of CrossCode, and is planned to appear in the work-in-progress CCRandomEvents mod. He enters the game on his own accord, as he needed something to occupy himself in the slow days, but quickly discovered that even that wasn't enough. The basic classes of CrossWorlds never piqued his interest, but after doing research, he found out that there is an unreleased, dual pistol-wielding class called Septagunner in the client files. After finding an exploit that allows him to use that class - disguised as a Pentafist for other players - he plans on spreading the news of Septagunners, while also avoiding being caught by admins.

Appearance[ | ]

Ichiki has a vibrant purple haircolor, complemented by a spiky ponytail style on the back, and a gray and orange earpiece. With his hair down, it goes down to his shoulder height. Ichiki has white skin and dark blue eyes. His orange and gray jacket has decoration resembling speakers on the shoulders, as well as red cords coming from the sides, leading some to think that they might actually be speakers. He also wears a white shirt with an orange star in the middle, and a blue collar. For the bottom, he wears white jeans and blue shoes. Ichiki's preferred look is very colorful, which comes off as a surprise when people learn that a Septagunner's signature color is gray.

Personality[ | ]

Cocky, clumsy and full of confidence in himself. Ichiki likes to do things however way he wants, and if he's judged for it, it just might be a good excuse to bring out a gun. Because of that, many think he can be quite hotheaded, but he has his head on the right place, as well as a soft spot for friends and family that he never lets go of, even in the direst of situations. With his hyperactive attitude, he believes that no matter what he lands in, he will get the job done.

Septagunner Class[ | ]

The unreleased class in Ichiki's story, Septagunner, is a dual pistol class that specializes in Focus, similarly to the Hexacast, but with a higher emphasis on Attack. Their signature color is gray, and as the Virtue of Individuality, it's intended to not be linked to a specific element, but instead perform equally with all of them. They shine in direct 1v1 combat, where they’re capable of dealing fast hits to a target at close-to-medium range. In turn, they severely lack in survivability, as well as in groups due to a noticeable lack of support skills. More info on the class, as well as a list of Combat Arts can be found in the Septagunner Class Rundown.

Outside CrossWorlds[ | ]

Ichiki never liked the idea of a boring office life, so with his expertise in firearms and agility, he took on the opportunity to become a bounty hunter. He grew famous in his planet for the fact that unlike others in the area, he runs background checks to make sure he never has to bring himself to shoot innocent people. After some time in the job, a staggering lack of contracts caused boredom to return, to the point where not even official, police-issued jobs helped. To remedy that, he got back into his gaming hobby with a bang - Ichiki got himself a Cross Gear and started playing the hottest VR game in the galaxy.

Trivia[ | ]

  • His element of choice is Shock, as he enjoys the high speed in many of that tree's Combat Arts.
  • Unlike other CrossCode fan characters, Ichiki wasn't made for the setting. He originally started as a player character in the game Phantasy Star Online 2, and eventually became the protagonist of his creator's original series.
    • His signature jacket is a loosely edited version of a piece of Outer Wear from said game.
  • Ichiki has gone through various changes in his looks, including having a pair of red-framed glasses. That has since then been removed from his finished design, however the glasses remain in his set of Cheese emotes.
  • Some people claim that he has the design of an isekai anime protagonist. He does not.

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