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The Illegal Coordinator is a mechanical boss in CrossWorlds, exclusive to the A New Home DLC. It can be found in Rookie Harbor during the quest Wetter Work.

Mechanical Boss
Illegal Coordinator

The central coordinator of the heavily modified turrets that were made in Rhombus Square and meant for illegal activities all over Shadoon. It too is equipped with floating devices to cross the ocean on its own has a highly advanced shielding system. While heavy artillery will be able to break its normal shield, the focussed frontal shield is basically impenetrable and must somehow be bypassed. In addition to a powerful cannon, this malicious machine of war is also equipped with an advanced launcher of ship-to-ship missiles. Shooting them down to protect your vessel should be top-priority!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Illegal Coordinator seems to be an upgraded version of the Illegal Floating Megaturret, having a wider cannon, red, gold and black coloration and an antenna on its top along with a pair of missile launchers.

Combat[ | ]

Contrary to the previous enemies in this quest, this boss appears from the top of the screen and the player’s platform aligns accordingly. It has 2 phases and gains a shield in the beginning of both, which can be broken along with the Coordinator by shooting it 3 times with the support turret. Illegal Floating Turrets and Illegal Floating Bombers will spawn from the top of the screen through the entire fight.

Phase 1

  • Shoots 1 or 3 red Balls towards the player.
  • Fires 6 missiles towards the support tower that can be destroyed with Balls. Before doing so, an alert that says "Preparing Missiles" appears and the Coordinator deactivates its shield until the missiles are fired.

Phase 2

  • Two Wave Teleporters with platforms underneath show up on both of its sides. Whenever the player teleports to one of those platforms, a third Wave Teleporter will spawn on the main one.
  • It activates a frontal shield, making the player unable deal significant damage. However, they can teleport and make the support turret land a hit from its side, causing it to break. It will recover after a few seconds and regenerate its complete shield instead of its frontal one.
  • Fires 8 missiles instead of 6.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Keep yourself around the sides of your platform so the Coordinator doesn't hit your turret.
  • Ether-snipe-icon Ether Snipe + Mark icon Mark debuff can take down an entire phase if used while the boss is broken.
  • Take down the Turrets and Bombers quickly so they don't stack and overwhelm you.
  • You should stay the least time possible on the small platforms since dodging on them is way harder.

Locations[ | ]

Rookie Harbor
Only during the Wetter Work quest:
  • Ocean Patrol Boss

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The front shield is probably based on the Rhombus Heavy Turret 2.0 boss.
  • Its HP is a palindrome: reading it backwards or forwards gives the same number.