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The Illegal Floating Megaturret is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds, exclusive to the A New Home DLC. They can be found in Rookie Harbor during the quest Wetter Work.

Illegal Floating Megaturret

Large, heavily modified turrets made in Rhombus Square and meant for illegal activities all over Shadoon. They are equipped with floating devices to cross the ocean on their own and even have their own shielding system. It is advised to only face them with the support of heavy artillery.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

This turret has a similar design as the Rhombus Heavy Turret, because of its dome shape and big size. However, it has red stripes instead of blue ones, along with a thruster under its base and a green ring around its top and its cannon.

Combat[ | ]

It is protected by a shield and advances slowly towards the left side of the screen, while occasionally shooting 3 balls at the player or the support turret. The shield can be destroyed by one of the support turret’s shots and, whenever it attempts to attack it, an alert that says “Targeting Turret!” will appear. While it charges, the player can hit it with a charged ball and break it.

Strategies[ | ]

Use the support turret’s ice shot to slow it down and break its shield. You can also shield/parry its shots so your turret doesn’t take any damage. Wave is ideal for doing damage by yourself since the Mark effect boosts the damage of your ranged attacks.

Location(s)[ | ]

Rookie Harbor (only during Wetter Work quest)

  • Ocean Patrol Again (x3)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Its location inside of the Monster Fibula is wrongly listed as Autumn's Rise. Because of this, having the Rise Booster on shows its boosted stats, which are actually lower than its normal ones.