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The Illegal Rhombus Turret is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Rookie Harbor.

Illegal Rhombus Turret

A illegally modified variant of the popular Rhombus Turret, intended to be smuggled to the mainland for all kinds of nefarious schemes. Unlike the standard model this machine also comes with a shield.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Illegal Rhombus Turret is a small, fixed-position rotating turret. Its main body is a purple cylinder, topped with a red and white icon resembling a skull. A short gun barrel protrudes from its body. It stands on two small purple legs.

It looks identical to the regular Rhombus Turret.

Combat[ | ]

When engaged in combat, the Illegal Rhombus Turret will gain a shield that will reduce all the damage it takes. The Illegal Rhombus Turret has two attacks that it uses in combat. The weaker one consists of a single shot fired directly at Lea while the stronger one fires three shots simultaneously with a wide spread and is charged with the turret briefly flashing red, with the shield temporarily disappearing during the charge. While the turret is flashing, charged Balls will Break the turret and disrupt both its shield and its stronger attack, leaving it temporarily vulnerable.

Strategies[ | ]

Attacking the Illegal Rhombus Turret while it has its shield up does very little damage, why it's a better idea to just wait until it tries to use its stronger attack to drop the shield with a Charged Ball. This can sometimes be rather difficult, as the Illegal Rhombus Turret often spawns in groups and their shots can disrupt the charging of your charged Ball. The Guard Sphere Combat Art can help with this since it will temporarily block any attack and make you resistant to the disruption. In some areas of the Beginner's Arc it'ss possible to stand in an area where only one or two Turrets can hit you because of the railings that surround the Arc in order to make the shots of the Illegal Rhombus Turrets ricochet off the walls.

Locations[ | ]

Only during the Smuggle Trouble quest:
Rookie Harbor
Beginners Arc: x16 (First battle: x1, Second Battle: x3, Third Battle: x3, Fourth Battle: x9)

Gallery[ | ]