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The Infected Digmo is a mechanical boss in CrossWorlds. It is the mid-boss of the Temple Mine dungeon, where it can be found in the Chamber of Fire. It must be defeated to obtain the Heat Element.

Mechanical Boss
Infected Digmo

While the other bots in the Temple Mine are infected by the] normally, this Digmo is super infected. That means it can do super strong attacks that will make use of the cold element to even summon ice spikes that create even more ice spikes. Super terrifying indeed.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Infected Digmo looks like a normal Digmo, but has a few differences. The lamp on its main body is red and there are many more Fleazers that have infected the Digmo, creating a casing of ice. Its body also appears to be darker. When the Fleazers are defeated, the Infected Digmo looks exactly like a normal Digmo.

Combat[ | ]

The battle against the Infected Digmo takes place in two stages, separated by a HP break. When approached, it first appears as a normal Digmo, but then slams the ground to make nine Fleazers appear, which infect it. After it has been further infected it slams the ground and make icicles appear out of the ground, it does this whenever it gains new Fleazers.

It has two attacks. Its first attack can be used in both stages and doesn't become harder in the second stage. The Infected Digmo will slam the ground three times during this attack, creating icicles that'll home in on Lea. The first icicles are aimed more towards the left of the Digmo and the second icicles more towards the right, creating a sort of small cage for Lea so that it can hit its third attack more easily, which is a longer stream of icicles aimed directly at Lea. After this attack, it stands still for a brief moment. When the first HP break occurs, it gains a second attack. During this attack, the Infected Digmo charges at Lea, leaving behind icicles, including two big clusters of icicles which'll explode after the Digmo is done charging and one new stream per cluster will be created, the one that is closest to the Infected Digmo being the longest. These streams will home in on Lea.

The Infected Digmo will barely take any damage while it is infected. Whenever the infected Digmo is hit with a heat based attack using one of the heat orbs, its break meter will fill up. When this meter is full, the Fleazers that infected the Digmo will be released, allowing Lea to attack and defeat them. The Fleazers will only lay on their back and can't attack Lea, nor move. After a certain amount of time, the Digmo will come close to the Fleazers and be infected again. If all of the Fleazers are defeated, the Infected Digmo will behave like a normal Digmo for a period of time. On occasion, if you fail to kill two or less remaining Fleazers the Digmo will return to normal while the Fleazers are still alive, leaving them free to attack you.

While in normal mode, the Infected Digmo will follow Lea and occasionally use on of its three attacks. During one of its attacks, it'll slam the ground and stand still, flashing red, making rocks fall at Lea when doing so. It can also charge at Lea, flashing white, standing still for a moment after charging. Its last attack is preceded by the Digmo flashing white and standing on its arms. It'll then use its wheel to create a stream of ice which it tries to shoot at Lea. It'll also stand still after this attack for a while. Whenever it is hit in the back, a second break meter appears. When this is full, the Infected Digmo will stand still and receive more damage than usual. After staying in normal mode for a while, it'll slam on the ground, making nine more Fleazers appear and being infected once again. It'll also do this once the HP break occurs.

Strategies[ | ]

To evade its first attack, first keep your distance from the Infected Digmo so that the first two clusters of icicles won't corner you, and try to dodge the last stream of icicles by dashing towards the Digmo. Dashing towards the Digmo makes it so that the stream of icicles can't come back around to hit Lea. Another option is to circle the Digmo. When you do this, the icicle walls can't adjust course fast enough to hit you. The dash attack itself can be easily dodged by dashing to the side. To also evade the streams of icicles, try to dodge away from the Digmo so that they won't reach you. Once the Fleazers have been defeated, take advantage of the weaker mode, and try to fill the second break meter to stun it and deal massive damage before it summons more Fleazers.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Infected Digmo was added with the Temple Mine in Early Access v0.4.0.