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Items are game abstractions that can be collected in CrossWorlds. They display properties of both Instant Matter and virtual concepts, and likely switch between the two depending on the situation. Consumables are stated to be Instant Matter when eaten, and (in a removed quest) Jet was able to physically use the Key Piece.pngKey Pieces to unlock the Autumn's Rise Observatory. However, the player can hold any number of items but only 99 of each type, and equipped items explicitly modify stats without actually being worn, explaining why they don't affect appearance (unless a specific setting that Lea doesn't have access to is active).

There are several different types of items. Consumables can be eaten to restore health or to give temporary powerups. Equipment, including Arms, Head, Torso and Legs-type items can be equipped to increase combat stats and modifiers, with the player being able to equip two Arms and a single item of each other type at a time. Trade items are used in the trading system, and Valuables serve quest-related purposes. Add-Ons either activate special in-game effects, or apply cosmetic changes.

Due to length, details on each item have been split into subpages, sorted by item type. All items in the game are also listed below.

Consumable Items[]

Main article: Items/Consumables
Effect List
Healing Sandwich FoodIcon.pngSandwich.pngSandwich Sandwich FoodIcon.pngHi-Sandwich.pngHi-Sandwich Sandwich FoodIcon.pngChef Sandwich.pngChef Sandwich Sandwich FoodIcon.pngMega-Sandwich.pngMega-Sandwich Croissant FoodIcon.pngCross Sandwich.pngCross Sandwich
Stat Buffs SpicyBun FoodIcon.pngSpicy Bun.pngSpicy Bun SpicyBun FoodIcon.pngFlaming Bun.pngFlaming Bun SpicyBun FoodIcon.pngBlazing Bun.pngBlazing Bun FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngFruit Drink.pngFruit Drink FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngFruit Salad.pngFruit Salad FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngFruit Pie.pngFruit Pie RiceCracker FoodIcon.pngRice Cracker.pngRice Cracker RiceCracker FoodIcon.pngTofu Cracker.pngTofu Cracker RiceCracker FoodIcon.pngCheese Cracker.pngCheese Cracker VeggieSticks FoodIcon.pngVeggie Sticks.pngVeggie Sticks VeggieSticks FoodIcon.pngVeggie Wraps.pngVeggie Wraps VeggieSticks FoodIcon.pngVeggie Burger.pngVeggie Burger Steak FoodIcon.pngSteak, rare.pngSteak, rare SaltyIceCream FoodIcon.pngSalty Ice Cream.pngSalty Ice Cream Chili FoodIcon.pngChili Con Carne.pngChili Con Carne FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngGinger Tom. Salad.pngGinger Tom. Salad ChiliDog FoodIcon.pngChili Dog.pngChili Dog ColdPlatter FoodIcon.pngCold Platter.pngCold Platter ColdPlatter FoodIcon.pngFull Course.pngFull Course ColdPlatter FoodIcon.pngFinal Dinner.pngFinal Dinner RisingStar ItemIcon.pngRising Super Star.pngRising Super Star DkPepper ItemIcon.pngDk Pepper.pngDk Pepper Maultasche ItemIcon.pngMaultasche.pngMaultasche
Elemental Resistance IceCreamSmall FoodIcon.pngBergen Ice Cream.pngBergen Ice Cream IceCreamSmall FoodIcon.pngVanilla Ice Cream.pngVanilla Ice Cream Lemonade FoodIcon.pngSweet Lemonjuice.pngSweet Lemonjuice Hotsauce FoodIcon.pngHotsauce.pngHotsauce Coffee FoodIcon.pngCup o' Coffee.pngCup o' Coffee Espresso FoodIcon.pngEnergy Espresso.pngEnergy Espresso Peanuts FoodIcon.pngSalted Peanuts.pngSalted Peanuts Pistachio FoodIcon.pngPrime Pistachios.pngPrime Pistachios Peanuts FoodIcon.pngSnack Mix.pngSnack Mix
Modifier Buffs GreenTea FoodIcon.pngGreen Leaf Tea.pngGreen Leaf Tea GreenTea FoodIcon.pngSweet Berry Tea.pngSweet Berry Tea GreenTea FoodIcon.pngPepper Night Tea.pngPepper Night Tea Water FoodIcon.pngJust Water.pngJust Water Water FoodIcon.pngCrystal Water.pngCrystal Water Kebab ItemIcon.pngKebab Roll.pngKebab Roll Kebab2 ItemIcon.pngWrap Roll.pngWrap Roll Kebab3 ItemIcon.pngEcho Roll.pngEcho Roll Risotto ItemIcon.pngMeaty Risotto.pngMeaty Risotto Risotto ItemIcon.pngShrimp Risotto.pngShrimp Risotto Risotto ItemIcon.pngGreen Risotto.pngGreen Risotto OneUp ItemIcon.pngOne Up.pngOne Up RiceCracker FoodIcon.pngGoat Cheese.pngGoat Cheese (A New Home DLC) Water FoodIcon.pngGoat Milk.pngGoat Milk (A New Home DLC) WerewolfStick ItemIcon.pngWerewolf Stick.pngWerewolf Stick PumpkinSpice ItemIcon.pngPumpkin Spice Cof..pngPumpkin Spice Cof.
Healing and Stat Buffs Durian ItemIcon.pngDurian.pngDurian
Healing and Modifier Buffs Mooncake ItemIcon.pngMooncake.pngMooncake
Stat Buffs and Modifier Buffs Steak FoodIcon.pngGourmet Steak.pngGourmet Steak BearBeer ItemIcon.pngBear Beer.pngBear Beer CrabMead ItemIcon.pngCrab Mead.pngCrab Mead FoxSake ItemIcon.pngFox Sake.pngFox Sake (A New Home DLC) WhaleWine ItemIcon.pngWhale Wine.pngWhale Wine Spaetzle ItemIcon.pngCheese Spaetzle.pngCheese Spaetzle BeatZero ItemIcon.pngSpicy Beat-0-Type.pngSpicy Beat-0-Type WillisWaldmahl ItemIcon.pngWillis Waldmahl.pngWillis Waldmahl GuacamoleToast ItemIcon.pngGuacamole Toast.pngGuacamole Toast
Elemental Resistance and Modifier Buffs PengoPop ItemIcon.pngPengoPop.pngPengoPop


Region List
Chapter 2 (Rhombus Dungeon) LV01Rookiebelt.pngRookiebelt LV01Rookieblade.pngRookieblade LV01Rookieboots.pngRookieboots LV01Rookiehat.pngRookiehat
Chapter 3 (Rookie Harbor) LV01Broken Gauntlet.pngBroken Gauntlet LV05Edge o' All.pngEdge o' All LV05Explorer's Cap.pngExplorer's Cap LV05Grasswalkers.pngGrasswalkers LV05Second Hide.pngSecond Hide LV09Bronze Boots.pngBronze Boots LV09Bronze Edge.pngBronze Edge LV09Bronze Goggles.pngBronze Goggles LV09Bronze Mail.pngBronze Mail LV11Civilian Trigger.pngCivilian Trigger LV11Cooling Veil.pngCooling Veil LV11Mugger's Blade.pngMugger's Blade LV11Recruit's Scope.pngRecruit's Scope LV11Bovine Armor.pngBovine Armor LV11Scrappy Plate.pngScrappy Plate LV11Rusty Anchors.pngRusty Anchors LV11Fleety Sandals.pngFleety Sandals LV13Daikon.pngDaikon LV13Student's Bandana.pngStudent's Bandana LV13Assault Vest.pngAssault Vest LV15Bull Stompers.pngBull Stompers LV15Leaf Cape.pngLeaf Cape LV15Shady Monocle.pngShady Monocle LV15Swiftspike.pngSwiftspike LV17Battered Fist.pngBattered Fist LV17Edgy Headphones.pngEdgy Headphones LV17Feline Paws.pngFeline Paws LV17Spiky Jacket.pngSpiky Jacket
Chapter 4 pre-boss (Bergen Village) LV01Broken Shield.pngBroken Shield LV10Core Drill.pngCore Drill LV18Iron Boots.pngIron Boots LV18Iron Edge.pngIron Edge LV18Iron Goggles.pngIron Goggles LV18Iron Mail.pngIron Mail LV19Climbing Pick.pngClimbing Pick LV19Furry Cap.pngFurry Cap LV19Hardrock Plate.pngHardrock Plate LV19Icewalkers.pngIcewalkers LV20Disciple Gloves.pngDisciple Gloves LV20Hardwood Stave.pngHardwood Stave LV20Proper Tophat.pngProper Tophat LV20Wooly Socks.pngWooly Socks LV21Bubblebelt.pngBubblebelt LV21Copper Gull.pngCopper Gull LV21Longears.pngLongears LV21Rocksplitter.pngRocksplitter LV22Bronze Chest Plate.pngBronze Chest Plate LV25Ancient Sandals.pngAncient Sandals LV25Prickly Bracer.pngPrickly Bracer LV25Strawhat.pngStrawhat LV26Winterclaw.pngWinterclaw
Chapter 5 (Ba'kii Kum) LV01Broken Sword.pngBroken Sword LV24Desert Sandals.pngDesert Sandals LV24Dessert Vest.pngDessert Vest LV24Fin Cap.pngFin Cap LV24Rapier Carrot.pngRapier Carrot LV25Mighty Strand.pngMighty Strand LV25Miner's Helmet.pngMiner's Helmet LV25Thief's Band.pngThief's Band LV26Weird Skates.pngWeird Skates LV27Steel Boots.pngSteel Boots LV27Steel Edge.pngSteel Edge LV27Steel Goggles.pngSteel Goggles LV27Steel Mail.pngSteel Mail LV28Curly Slippers.pngCurly Slippers LV28Hidden Blade.pngHidden Blade LV28Nomadic Turban.pngNomadic Turban LV28Tattered Satchel.pngTattered Satchel LV29Assassin Garb.pngAssassin Garb LV29Gunner's Trigger.pngGunner's Trigger LV29Lavish Anchors.pngLavish Anchors LV30Carpet Runners.pngCarpet Runners LV30Chilling Veil.pngChilling Veil LV30Giga Spiral Drill.pngGiga Spiral Drill LV30Magic Robe.pngMagic Robe LV30Maverick Edge.pngMaverick Edge LV31Crystal Plate.pngCrystal Plate LV31Shiny Glasses.pngShiny Glasses LV31Western Starfist.pngWestern Starfist LV33Silver Chest Plate.pngSilver Chest Plate LV35Bright Bracer.pngBright Bracer LV35Dented Crown.pngDented Crown LV35Dried Grass Hat.pngDried Grass Hat
Chapter 6 (Rookie Harbor) LV34Silver Boots.pngSilver Boots LV34Silver Edge.pngSilver Edge LV34Silver Goggles.pngSilver Goggles LV34Silver Mail.pngSilver Mail LV36Humming Razor.pngHumming Razor LV37Hunter's Bolt.pngHunter's Bolt LV37Petal Cloak.pngPetal Cloak LV37Red Bandana.pngRed Bandana LV37Shinkickers.pngShinkickers LV38Nifty Grey Shades.pngNifty Grey Shades LV38Ramming Shell.pngRamming Shell LV38Stable Footguard.pngStable Footguard LV38Sunset Claw.pngSunset Claw LV39Prism Pouch.pngPrism Pouch LV40Adept Gloves.pngAdept Gloves LV40Boom Walkers.pngBoom Walkers
Chapter 7 (Vermillion Wasteland) LV41Vermillion Mantle.pngVermillion Mantle
Chapter 8 (Basin Keep) LV01Broken Deck.pngBroken Deck LV41Rough Branch.pngRough Branch LV42Titan Boots.pngTitan Boots LV42Titan Edge.pngTitan Edge LV42Titan Goggles.pngTitan Goggles LV42Titan Mail.pngTitan Mail LV44Scarecrown.pngScarecrown LV44Twitching Slicer.pngTwitching Slicer LV45Aehre.pngAehre LV45Electrician's Cap.pngElectrician's Cap LV45Loose Trenchcoat.pngLoose Trenchcoat LV45Pathfinders.pngPathfinders LV45Strawberry Hat.pngStrawberry Hat LV46Faedora.pngFaedora LV46Lawkeeper's Fist.pngLawkeeper's Fist LV46Survival Plate.pngSurvival Plate LV46Urban Sneakers.pngUrban Sneakers LV47Excalibro.pngExcalibro LV47Hydraulic Anchors.pngHydraulic Anchors LV47Mystic Mohawk.pngMystic Mohawk LV47Rootweave.pngRootweave LV47Silver Hawk.pngSilver Hawk LV47Sneaky Shiv.pngSneaky Shiv LV48Bandit's Scarf.pngBandit's Scarf LV48Sparkling Bracer.pngSparkling Bracer LV49Climate Cowl.pngClimate Cowl LV49Timeworn Belt.pngTimeworn Belt LV50Golden Revolver.pngGolden Revolver LV51Bigger Stick.pngBigger Stick LV51Galaxy Spiral Drill.pngGalaxy Spiral Drill LV52Trench Boots.pngTrench Boots LV54Golden Chest Plate.pngGolden Chest Plate
Chapter 9 pre-boss (Sapphire Ridge) LV01Broken Chakrams.pngBroken Chakrams LV50Cobalt Boots.pngCobalt Boots LV50Cobalt Edge.pngCobalt Edge LV50Cobalt Goggles.pngCobalt Goggles LV50Cobalt Mail.pngCobalt Mail LV51Bluefiber Robe.pngBluefiber Robe LV52Infinite Bag.pngInfinite Bag LV53Tengu Mask.pngTengu Mask LV54Survivor's Blade.pngSurvivor's Blade LV55Bamboots.pngBamboots LV55Hardhead Hat.pngHardhead Hat LV55Marksmen Trigger.pngMarksmen Trigger LV55Shadowy Cloak.pngShadowy Cloak LV56Brave Anchors.pngBrave Anchors LV56Panzer Fist.pngPanzer Fist LV56Plated Plate.pngPlated Plate LV56Scouting Visor.pngScouting Visor LV57Burglar's Rope.pngBurglar's Rope LV57Sonic Spike.pngSonic Spike LV58Lead Boots.pngLead Boots LV58Shuddering Cleaver.pngShuddering Cleaver LV59Shining Bracer.pngShining Bracer LV60Lunatic Paws.pngLunatic Paws LV60Warkeeper.pngWarkeeper
End-game (Rhombus Square) LV59Laser Boots.pngLaser Boots LV59Laser Edge.pngLaser Edge LV59Laser Goggles.pngLaser Goggles LV59Laser Mail.pngLaser Mail LV60The Last Strawhat.pngThe Last Strawhat LV61Centaur Vest.pngCentaur Vest LV61Gorgon Veil.pngGorgon Veil LV61Hydra Fang.pngHydra Fang LV61Unicorn Greaves.pngUnicorn Greaves LV62Deadly Dancers.pngDeadly Dancers LV62Old Geta.pngOld Geta LV62Serene Bubble.pngSerene Bubble LV62Skirmisher.pngSkirmisher LV62Zealous Lamellar.pngZealous Lamellar LV63Furious Hothead.pngFurious Hothead LV63Mantis Whip.pngMantis Whip LV63Pioneer Vest.pngPioneer Vest LV63Praetorian Anchors.pngPraetorian Anchors LV63Unbreaking Fist.pngUnbreaking Fist LV64Brostick of Force.pngBrostick of Force LV64Golden Falcon.pngGolden Falcon LV64Mistwalkers.pngMistwalkers LV64Reactive Plate.pngReactive Plate LV64Trackwalker Visor.pngTrackwalker Visor LV65Assault Harness.pngAssault Harness LV65Combat Skates.pngCombat Skates LV65Dragon's Bandana.pngDragon's Bandana LV65Eternal Salami.pngEternal Salami LV65Infinity Spiral Drill.pngInfinity Spiral Drill LV65Killing Dress.pngKilling Dress LV65Knocking One.pngKnocking One LV65Paedalos.pngPaedalos LV65Pendulum Striker.pngPendulum Striker LV65Tranquil Earmuffs.pngTranquil Earmuffs LV66Artillery Boots.pngArtillery Boots LV66Infinity+1 Bag.pngInfinity+1 Bag LV67Meister Gloves.pngMeister Gloves LV67Plate of Chests.pngPlate of Chests LV68Lifefiber Uniform.pngLifefiber Uniform LV68Radiant Bracer.pngRadiant Bracer
Post-game (A New Home DLC) LV68Thrashing Ripper.pngThrashing Ripper LVL↑Cross Boots.pngCross Boots LVL↑Cross Edge.pngCross Edge LVL↑Cross Goggles.pngCross Goggles LVL↑Cross Mail.pngCross Mail LVL↑Chiron Vest.pngChiron Vest LVL↑Medusa Veil.pngMedusa Veil LVL↑Cerberus Fang.pngCerberus Fang LVL↑Pegasus Greaves.pngPegasus Greaves LVL↑Deadly Dancers+.pngDeadly Dancers+ LVL↑Serene Bubble+.pngSerene Bubble+ LVL↑Skirmisher+.pngSkirmisher+ LVL↑Zealous Lamellar+.pngZealous Lamellar+ LVL↑Furious Hothead+.pngFurious Hothead+ LVL↑Mantis Whip+.pngMantis Whip+ LVL↑Pioneer Vest+.pngPioneer Vest+ LVL↑Praetorian Anchors+.pngPraetorian Anchors+ LVL↑Unbreaking Fist+.pngUnbreaking Fist+ LVL↑Brostick of Force+.pngBrostick of Force+ LVL↑Golden Falcon+.pngGolden Falcon+ LVL↑Mistwalkers+.pngMistwalkers+ LVL↑Reactive Plate+.pngReactive Plate+ LVL↑Trackwalker Visor+.pngTrackwalker Visor+ LVL↑Assault Harness+.pngAssault Harness+ LVL↑Combat Skates+.pngCombat Skates+ LVL↑Dragon's Bandana+.pngDragon's Bandana+ LVL↑Eternal Salami+.pngEternal Salami+ LVL↑Singularity Drill.pngSingularity Drill LVL↑Killing Dress+.pngKilling Dress+ LVL↑Knocking One+.pngKnocking One+ LVL↑Paedalos+.pngPaedalos+ LVL↑Pendulum Striker+.pngPendulum Striker+ LVL↑Tranquil Earmuffs+.pngTranquil Earmuffs+ LVL↑Artillery Boots+.pngArtillery Boots+ LVL↑Speedy Boom Boots.pngSpeedy Boom Boots LVL↑Highmeister Gloves.pngHighmeister Gloves LVL↑Lis'mita Cap.pngLis'mita Cap LVL↑Enlightened Halo.pngEnlightened Halo LVL↑Very Last Strawhat.pngVery Last Strawhat LVL↑Body Armoire.pngBody Armoire LVL↑Lifefiber Dress.pngLifefiber Dress LVL↑Sunshine Bracer.pngSunshine Bracer LVL↑Shuriken Shooter.pngShuriken Shooter LVL↑Meteor Trigger.pngMeteor Trigger LVL↑Sunglass Visor.pngSunglass Visor LVL↑Asteroid Belt.pngAsteroid Belt LVL↑Moonwalkers.pngMoonwalkers LVL↑Tremor Mirage.pngTremor Mirage LVL↑Nanopoint Needle.pngNanopoint Needle LVL↑Lunatic Paws UwU.pngLunatic Paws UwU LVL↑Bearserker Claw.pngBearserker Claw LVL↑Headset TYPE:3.pngHeadset TYPE>:3 LVL↑Nightfeather Coat.pngNightfeather Coat

Trade Items[]

Found List
Valuable Items Golden Satchel.pngGolden Satchel Golden Bars.pngGolden Bars Golden Ticket.pngGolden Ticket
Common Trades Veggie Set.pngVeggie Set Fruit Set.pngFruit Set Spice Set.pngSpice Set Junk Metal.pngJunk Metal Refined Metal.pngRefined Metal Precious Metal.pngPrecious Metal Epic Metal.pngEpic Metal Antique Token.pngAntique Token
Quest-tied Trades Brewing Kit: Bear.pngBrewing Kit: Bear Brewing Kit: Crab.pngBrewing Kit: Crab Brewing Kit: Whale.pngBrewing Kit: Whale Turret Tokens.pngTurret Tokens Marinated Meat.pngMarinated Meat
Autumn's Rise Autumn Leaves.pngAutumn Leaves Season Apples.pngSeason Apples Bear Cicada.pngBear Cicada Gold Beetle.pngGold Beetle Twilight Dew.pngTwilight Dew Azure Dragonfly.pngAzure Dragonfly Raw Meat.pngRaw Meat Metal Needles.pngMetal Needles Headphone Scraps.pngHeadphone Scraps Bovine Skin.pngBovine Skin
Bergen Trail Feather Leaf.pngFeather Leaf Rusty Bits.pngRusty Bits Frozen Tear.pngFrozen Tear Pike Wood.pngPike Wood Purple Ore Lump.pngPurple Ore Lump Winter Thorn.pngWinter Thorn Bergen Ice.pngBergen Ice Fluffy Fur.pngFluffy Fur Rock Beak.pngRock Beak Solid Bubble.pngSolid Bubble Diabolic Horns.pngDiabolic Horns Frosted Carrot.pngFrosted Carrot Perforated Tophat.pngPerforated Tophat
Temple Mine Bug Shell.pngBug Shell Metal Gears.pngMetal Gears Blue Orb.pngBlue Orb
Maroon Valley Tough Sand.pngTough Sand Arid Lumber.pngArid Lumber Rainbow Gem.pngRainbow Gem Vivid Water.pngVivid Water Palmapple Seed.pngPalmapple Seed Cactone Fruit.pngCactone Fruit Maroon Chestnut.pngMaroon Chestnut Old Bones.pngOld Bones Helix Relic.pngHelix Relic Lucid Shard.pngLucid Shard Crystal Leek.pngCrystal Leek Glaring Rock.pngGlaring Rock Ancient Earth.pngAncient Earth Poison Stinger.pngPoison Stinger Dry Fin.pngDry Fin Drill Stone.pngDrill Stone Phoenix Feather.pngPhoenix Feather Squishy Teeth.pngSquishy Teeth Hardened Liver.pngHardened Liver
Faj'ro Temple Butter Silk.pngButter Silk Jelly Extract.pngJelly Extract Magma Residue.pngMagma Residue Laser Eyes.pngLaser Eyes
Autumn's Fall Parched Leaves.pngParched Leaves Ripe Apples.pngRipe Apples Wolf Cicada.pngWolf Cicada White Grain.pngWhite Grain Sunset Dew.pngSunset Dew Crimson Dragonfly.pngCrimson Dragonfly
Vermillion Wasteland Infected Cell.pngInfected Cell Elemental DNA.pngElemental DNA
Gaia's Garden Curly Farn.pngCurly Farn Steel Comb.pngSteel Comb Elder Wood.pngElder Wood Royal Hive.pngRoyal Hive Venom Shroom.pngVenom Shroom Glowing Sphere.pngGlowing Sphere Virus Root.pngVirus Root Blue Mango.pngBlue Mango Exotic Resin.pngExotic Resin Star Fruit.pngStar Fruit Common Planter.pngCommon Planter Spiky Nut.pngSpiky Nut Moon Fruit.pngMoon Fruit Slime Drop.pngSlime Drop Palette Blossom.pngPalette Blossom Huge Nut.pngHuge Nut Glow Pear.pngGlow Pear Static Furball.pngStatic Furball Lazy Claw.pngLazy Claw Stout Backplate.pngStout Backplate
Basin Keep Trash.pngTrash
Zir'vitar Temple Metal Down.pngMetal Down Power Spinach.pngPower Spinach Living Bolt.pngLiving Bolt
So'najiz Temple Plain Cube.pngPlain Cube Sea Disc.pngSea Disc
Sapphire Ridge Blue Grass.pngBlue Grass Pink Petal.pngPink Petal Mystery Grape.pngMystery Grape Green Arbor.pngGreen Arbor Catalop Pellet.pngCatalop Pellet Steel Bamboo.pngSteel Bamboo Dirty Rubble.pngDirty Rubble Spark Tin.pngSpark Tin Cobalt Crystal.pngCobalt Crystal Samurai Shell.pngSamurai Shell Ronin Shell.pngRonin Shell Sharp Splitter.pngSharp Splitter Hoverpad.pngHoverpad Sticky Web.pngSticky Web
Azure Archipelago (A New Home DLC) Coral Piece.pngCoral Piece Mellow Water.pngMellow Water Yellow Sponge.pngYellow Sponge Shell Nut.pngShell Nut Core Stone.pngCore Stone Ember Sack.pngEmber Sack Worm Band.pngWorm Band Razor Tip.pngRazor Tip
Ku'lero Temple (A New Home DLC) Strange Shard.pngStrange Shard Cone Seed.pngCone Seed Antique Ore.pngAntique Ore Rose Cone.pngRose Cone Salty Grass.pngSalty Grass Focus Shard.pngFocus Shard Barrel Beak.pngBarrel Beak Burned Ash.pngBurned Ash Rumble Hive.pngRumble Hive
Booster Gems Ruby.pngRuby Garnet.pngGarnet Diamond.pngDiamond Moonstone.pngMoonstone Citrine.pngCitrine Topaz.pngTopaz Amethyst.pngAmethyst Emerald.pngEmerald Lapis Lazuli.pngLapis Lazuli
Unique or Rare Items Halcyon Droplet.pngHalcyon Droplet Portrait of Ruin.pngPortrait of Ruin Heaven's Seed.pngHeaven's Seed Everlasting Amber.pngEverlasting Amber Galaxy Berry.pngGalaxy Berry Dream Globe.pngDream Globe Dropped Mic.pngDropped Mic Polished Mic.pngPolished Mic Twilight Shard.pngTwilight Shard Tremor Engine.pngTremor Engine Geta Wood.pngGeta Wood Geta Straps.pngGeta Straps Geta Glue.pngGeta Glue Spiral Gem.pngSpiral Gem Creation Gem.pngCreation Gem Infinity Gem.pngInfinity Gem Perfect Karrot.pngPerfect Karrot Hungry Salmon.pngHungry Salmon Mysterious Box.pngMysterious Box Omni Lock.pngOmni Lock Chestlink.pngChestlink Golden Ring.pngGolden Ring Blue Shell.pngBlue Shell Dungeon Heart.pngDungeon Heart Golden Triangle.pngGolden Triangle King's Ring.pngKing's Ring Masterball.pngMasterball
Post-game Unique Items (A New Home DLC) Light Gem.pngLight Gem Gold Surprise Egg.pngGold Surprise Egg Rift Spore.pngRift Spore Champion's Towel.pngChampion's Towel Dragon Sphere.pngDragon Sphere Tranquility Sphere.pngTranquility Sphere Pendulum Sphere.pngPendulum Sphere Knocking Sphere.pngKnocking Sphere Salami Sphere.pngSalami Sphere Killing Sphere.pngKilling Sphere Assault Sphere.pngAssault Sphere Roller Sphere.pngRoller Sphere Skate Sphere.pngSkate Sphere Ultra Secret Note.pngUltra Secret Note Asteroid Chunk.pngAsteroid Chunk Meteor Chunk.pngMeteor Chunk Moon Chunk.pngMoon Chunk The Last Straw.pngThe Last Straw
Other Post-game Items (A New Home DLC) Brewing Kit: Fox.pngBrewing Kit: Fox

Valuable Items[]

Main article: Items/Valuables
Use List
Main Story Thief's Key.pngThief's Key White Key.pngWhite Key Radiant Key.pngRadiant Key Disc of Insight.pngDisc of Insight Green Leaf Shade.pngGreen Leaf Shade Blue Ice Shade.pngBlue Ice Shade Yellow Sand Shade.pngYellow Sand Shade Red Flame Shade.pngRed Flame Shade Green Seed Shade.pngGreen Seed Shade Purple Bolt Shade.pngPurple Bolt Shade Azure Drop Shade.pngAzure Drop Shade Star Shade.pngStar Shade Meteor Shade.pngMeteor Shade Guild Pass.pngGuild Pass Mine Pass.pngMine Pass Maroon Cave Pass.pngMaroon Cave Pass Old Dojo Key.pngOld Dojo Key Mine Key.pngMine Key Mine Master Key.pngMine Master Key Faj'ro Key.pngFaj'ro Key Faj'ro Master Key.pngFaj'ro Master Key Zir'vitar Key.pngZir'vitar Key So'najiz Key.pngSo'najiz Key Krys'kajo Key.pngKrys'kajo Key Kajo Master Key.pngKajo Master Key Ti'im Residue.pngTi'im Residue Shiny Orb.pngShiny Orb Stone Key.pngStone Key Golden Bug.pngGolden Bug
Sidequests Disc of Flora.pngDisc of Flora Laser Pickaxe.pngLaser Pickaxe Laser TNT.pngLaser TNT Mining Docs.pngMining Docs Autumn Probe.pngAutumn Probe Bergen Probe.pngBergen Probe Maroon Probe.pngMaroon Probe Gaia Probe.pngGaia Probe Holiday Present.pngHoliday Present Geo-Data 3469.pngGeo-Data #3469 Pure Autumn Cider.pngPure Autumn Cider Autumn Salve.pngAutumn Salve Weird Hillkat Tech.pngWeird Hillkat Tech Autumn Ingredients.pngAutumn Ingredients Captured Bunny.pngCaptured Bunny Capture Device.pngCapture Device Storage Unit 1.pngStorage Unit #1 Aspiration Proof.pngAspiration Proof Stone of Valor.pngStone of Valor Stone of Space.pngStone of Space Stone of Truth.pngStone of Truth Stone of Spirit.pngStone of Spirit Stone of Ages.pngStone of Ages Very Large Ember.pngVery Large Ember Flintzer Excretions.pngFlintzer Excretions GIT.pngGIT Hermit Repairkit.pngHermit Repairkit Progression Proof.pngProgression Proof Billston's Com.pngBillston's Com Aged Travelguide.pngAged Travelguide Brewing Kit.pngBrewing Kit Smelter Parts.pngSmelter Parts Cursed Coin.pngCursed Coin Jack's Flame.pngJack's Flame Tracker Chip.pngTracker Chip Smokaway.pngSmokaway Old Man's Book.pngOld Man's Book Coarse Powerring.pngCoarse Powerring Supercrown.pngSupercrown Snowtank Datachip.pngSnowtank Datachip Fishy Documents.pngFishy Documents Hightech Valve.pngHightech Valve
Other Uses Circuit Override.pngCircuit Override Pond Slums Pass.pngPond Slums Pass Old Blueprint.pngOld Blueprint Encrypted Key.pngEncrypted Key Facility X Key.pngFacility X Key
A New Home DLC Ancient Shade.pngAncient Shade Ku'lero Key.pngKu'lero Key Ku'lero Master Key.pngKu'lero Master Key MacGuffin's Coin.pngMacGuffin's Coin Full Rhombus Pass.pngFull Rhombus Pass Ancient Cups.pngAncient Cups Ascension Proof.pngAscension Proof Tremor Lab Key.pngTremor Lab Key Tremor Core.pngTremor Core Symbol of Neutral.pngSymbol of Neutral Symbol of Heat.pngSymbol of Heat Symbol of Cold.pngSymbol of Cold Symbol of Shock.pngSymbol of Shock Symbol of Wave.pngSymbol of Wave

Add-On Items[]

Main article: Items/Add-Ons
Use List
Detectors Mine Detector.pngMine Detector Chest Detector.pngChest Detector
Boosters Rise Booster.pngRise Booster Fall Booster.pngFall Booster Trail Booster.pngTrail Booster Valley Booster.pngValley Booster Garden Booster.pngGarden Booster Ridge Booster.pngRidge Booster
Cosmetics Sparkly Boots.pngSparkly Boots Holiday Boots.pngHoliday Boots Holiday Hat.pngHoliday Hat Kunoichi.pngKunoichi Manlea.pngManlea Element Aura.pngElement Aura Menacing Aura.pngMenacing Aura
Pets Orange Twister.pngOrange Twister Baby Peng.pngBaby Peng FDNI Fox.pngFDNI Fox Good Boy.pngGood Boy S-Rex.pngS-Rex Lil' Reap.pngLil' Reap Red Liz.pngRed Liz Shy Fly.pngShy Fly T.A.N.K..pngT.A.N.K. Micro Crawler.pngMicro Crawler Cool Bar.pngCool Bar
Post-game Pets (A New Home DLC) Batboy.pngBatboy Butterfliege.pngButterfliege Piggybank.pngPiggybank Seedling.pngSeedling Turbo.pngTurbo I Rob-0T.pngI Rob-0T Baby of the East.pngBaby of the East Goose.pngGoose Nuclear Roach.pngNuclear Roach Chunky.pngChunky

Unobtainable Items[]

Due to CrossCode's long period of Early Access, numerous items existed in previous versions of the game but are not available in the current version. Most of these have since been overwritten or moved in the game code, so that old save files containing them would have them replaced with a different item, but a few can still exist in-game without modding.

Type List
No longer obtainable, but can exist in old saves LV01-Rauser.png-Rauser LV01Winner's Pride.pngWinner's Pride The End (Item).pngThe End Ye dirty 'ol cheater.pngYe dirty 'ol cheater Key Piece.pngKey Piece Disc of Treasure.pngDisc of Treasure -Observatory Key.png-Observatory Key Precursor Shard.pngPrecursor Shard Gaia Temple Pass.pngGaia Temple Pass
No longer ownable without modding Placebotion.pngPlacebotion LV01- Pig Mask.png- Pig Mask Raw Steak.pngRaw Steak LV01D. C-137 Gun.pngD. C-137 Gun LV01Red Bandana (Weapon).pngRed Bandana Ordinary Fish.pngOrdinary Fish SecretBall.pngSecretBall Achievement (Item).pngAchievement Placeholder 1 (Item).pngPlaceholder #1 LV25Holiday Hat (Head).pngHoliday Hat LV13Sparkly Boots (Legs).pngSparkly Boots LV48Holiday Boots (Legs).pngHoliday Boots Vermillion Jewel.pngVermillion Jewel Cinder Gem.pngCinder Gem Rusty Hook.pngRusty Hook Moistured Line.pngMoistured Line Ambiguous Rod.pngAmbiguous Rod Food Temp 1.pngFood Temp #1 Food Temp 2.pngFood Temp #2 Neutral Stone.pngNeutral Stone - Monk Reward.png- Monk Reward