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Items are game abstractions that can be collected in CrossWorlds. They display properties of both Instant Matter and virtual concepts, and likely switch between the two depending on the situation. Consumables are stated to be Instant Matter when eaten, and (in a removed quest) Jet was able to physically use the Key PieceKey Pieces to unlock the Autumn's Rise Observatory. However, the player can hold any number of items but only 99 of each type, and equipped items explicitly modify stats without actually being worn, explaining why they don't affect appearance (unless a specific setting that Lea doesn't have access to is active).

There are several different types of items. Consumables can be eaten to restore health or to give temporary powerups. Equipment, including Arms, Head, Torso and Legs-type items can be equipped to increase combat stats and modifiers, with the player being able to equip two Arms and a single item of each other type at a time. Trade items are used in the trading system, and Valuables serve quest-related purposes. Add-Ons either activate special in-game effects, or apply cosmetic changes.

Due to length, details on each item have been split into subpages, sorted by item type. All items in the game are also listed below.

Consumable Items[ | ]

Main article: Items/Consumables
Effect List
Healing Sandwich FoodIconSandwichSandwich Sandwich FoodIconHi-SandwichHi-Sandwich Sandwich FoodIconChef SandwichChef Sandwich Sandwich FoodIconMega-SandwichMega-Sandwich Croissant FoodIconCross SandwichCross Sandwich
Stat Buffs SpicyBun FoodIconSpicy BunSpicy Bun SpicyBun FoodIconFlaming BunFlaming Bun SpicyBun FoodIconBlazing BunBlazing Bun FruitSalad FoodIconFruit DrinkFruit Drink FruitSalad FoodIconFruit SaladFruit Salad FruitSalad FoodIconFruit PieFruit Pie RiceCracker FoodIconRice CrackerRice Cracker RiceCracker FoodIconTofu CrackerTofu Cracker RiceCracker FoodIconCheese CrackerCheese Cracker VeggieSticks FoodIconVeggie SticksVeggie Sticks VeggieSticks FoodIconVeggie WrapsVeggie Wraps VeggieSticks FoodIconVeggie BurgerVeggie Burger Steak FoodIconSteak, rareSteak, rare SaltyIceCream FoodIconSalty Ice CreamSalty Ice Cream Chili FoodIconChili Con CarneChili Con Carne FruitSalad FoodIconGinger Tom. SaladGinger Tom. Salad ChiliDog FoodIconChili DogChili Dog ColdPlatter FoodIconCold PlatterCold Platter ColdPlatter FoodIconFull CourseFull Course ColdPlatter FoodIconFinal DinnerFinal Dinner RisingStar ItemIconRising Super StarRising Super Star DkPepper ItemIconDk PepperDk Pepper Maultasche ItemIconMaultascheMaultasche
Elemental Resistance IceCreamSmall FoodIconBergen Ice CreamBergen Ice Cream IceCreamSmall FoodIconVanilla Ice CreamVanilla Ice Cream Lemonade FoodIconSweet LemonjuiceSweet Lemonjuice Hotsauce FoodIconHotsauceHotsauce Coffee FoodIconCup o' CoffeeCup o' Coffee Espresso FoodIconEnergy EspressoEnergy Espresso Peanuts FoodIconSalted PeanutsSalted Peanuts Pistachio FoodIconPrime PistachiosPrime Pistachios Peanuts FoodIconSnack MixSnack Mix
Modifier Buffs GreenTea FoodIconGreen Leaf TeaGreen Leaf Tea GreenTea FoodIconSweet Berry TeaSweet Berry Tea GreenTea FoodIconPepper Night TeaPepper Night Tea Water FoodIconJust WaterJust Water Water FoodIconCrystal WaterCrystal Water Kebab ItemIconKebab RollKebab Roll Kebab2 ItemIconWrap RollWrap Roll Kebab3 ItemIconEcho RollEcho Roll Risotto ItemIconMeaty RisottoMeaty Risotto Risotto ItemIconShrimp RisottoShrimp Risotto Risotto ItemIconGreen RisottoGreen Risotto OneUp ItemIconOne UpOne Up RiceCracker FoodIconGoat CheeseGoat Cheese (A New Home DLC) Water FoodIconGoat MilkGoat Milk (A New Home DLC) WerewolfStick ItemIconWerewolf StickWerewolf Stick PumpkinSpice ItemIconPumpkin Spice Cof.Pumpkin Spice Cof.
Healing and Stat Buffs Durian ItemIconDurianDurian
Healing and Modifier Buffs Mooncake ItemIconMooncakeMooncake
Stat Buffs and Modifier Buffs Steak FoodIconGourmet SteakGourmet Steak BearBeer ItemIconBear BeerBear Beer CrabMead ItemIconCrab MeadCrab Mead FoxSake ItemIconFox SakeFox Sake (A New Home DLC) WhaleWine ItemIconWhale WineWhale Wine Spaetzle ItemIconCheese SpaetzleCheese Spaetzle BeatZero ItemIconSpicy Beat-0-TypeSpicy Beat-0-Type WillisWaldmahl ItemIconWillis WaldmahlWillis Waldmahl GuacamoleToast ItemIconGuacamole ToastGuacamole Toast
Elemental Resistance and Modifier Buffs PengoPop ItemIconPengoPopPengoPop

Equipment[ | ]

Region List
Chapter 2 (Rhombus Dungeon) LV01RookiebeltRookiebelt LV01RookiebladeRookieblade LV01RookiebootsRookieboots LV01RookiehatRookiehat
Chapter 3 (Rookie Harbor) LV01Broken GauntletBroken Gauntlet LV05Edge o' AllEdge o' All LV05Explorer's CapExplorer's Cap LV05GrasswalkersGrasswalkers LV05Second HideSecond Hide LV09Bronze BootsBronze Boots LV09Bronze EdgeBronze Edge LV09Bronze GogglesBronze Goggles LV09Bronze MailBronze Mail LV11Civilian TriggerCivilian Trigger LV11Cooling VeilCooling Veil LV11Mugger's BladeMugger's Blade LV11Recruit's ScopeRecruit's Scope LV11Bovine ArmorBovine Armor LV11Scrappy PlateScrappy Plate LV11Rusty AnchorsRusty Anchors LV11Fleety SandalsFleety Sandals LV13DaikonDaikon LV13Student's BandanaStudent's Bandana LV13Assault VestAssault Vest LV15Bull StompersBull Stompers LV15Leaf CapeLeaf Cape LV15Shady MonocleShady Monocle LV15SwiftspikeSwiftspike LV17Battered FistBattered Fist LV17Edgy HeadphonesEdgy Headphones LV17Feline PawsFeline Paws LV17Spiky JacketSpiky Jacket
Chapter 4 pre-boss (Bergen Village) LV01Broken ShieldBroken Shield LV10Core DrillCore Drill LV18Iron BootsIron Boots LV18Iron EdgeIron Edge LV18Iron GogglesIron Goggles LV18Iron MailIron Mail LV19Climbing PickClimbing Pick LV19Furry CapFurry Cap LV19Hardrock PlateHardrock Plate LV19IcewalkersIcewalkers LV20Disciple GlovesDisciple Gloves LV20Hardwood StaveHardwood Stave LV20Proper TophatProper Tophat LV20Wooly SocksWooly Socks LV21BubblebeltBubblebelt LV21Copper GullCopper Gull LV21LongearsLongears LV21RocksplitterRocksplitter LV22Bronze Chest PlateBronze Chest Plate LV25Ancient SandalsAncient Sandals LV25Prickly BracerPrickly Bracer LV25StrawhatStrawhat LV26WinterclawWinterclaw
Chapter 5 (Ba'kii Kum) LV01Broken SwordBroken Sword LV24Desert SandalsDesert Sandals LV24Dessert VestDessert Vest LV24Fin CapFin Cap LV24Rapier CarrotRapier Carrot LV25Mighty StrandMighty Strand LV25Miner's HelmetMiner's Helmet LV25Thief's BandThief's Band LV26Weird SkatesWeird Skates LV27Steel BootsSteel Boots LV27Steel EdgeSteel Edge LV27Steel GogglesSteel Goggles LV27Steel MailSteel Mail LV28Curly SlippersCurly Slippers LV28Hidden BladeHidden Blade LV28Nomadic TurbanNomadic Turban LV28Tattered SatchelTattered Satchel LV29Assassin GarbAssassin Garb LV29Gunner's TriggerGunner's Trigger LV29Lavish AnchorsLavish Anchors LV30Carpet RunnersCarpet Runners LV30Chilling VeilChilling Veil LV30Giga Spiral DrillGiga Spiral Drill LV30Magic RobeMagic Robe LV30Maverick EdgeMaverick Edge LV31Crystal PlateCrystal Plate LV31Shiny GlassesShiny Glasses LV31Western StarfistWestern Starfist LV33Silver Chest PlateSilver Chest Plate LV35Bright BracerBright Bracer LV35Dented CrownDented Crown LV35Dried Grass HatDried Grass Hat
Chapter 6 (Rookie Harbor) LV34Silver BootsSilver Boots LV34Silver EdgeSilver Edge LV34Silver GogglesSilver Goggles LV34Silver MailSilver Mail LV36Humming RazorHumming Razor LV37Hunter's BoltHunter's Bolt LV37Petal CloakPetal Cloak LV37Red BandanaRed Bandana LV37ShinkickersShinkickers LV38Nifty Grey ShadesNifty Grey Shades LV38Ramming ShellRamming Shell LV38Stable FootguardStable Footguard LV38Sunset ClawSunset Claw LV39Prism PouchPrism Pouch LV40Adept GlovesAdept Gloves LV40Boom WalkersBoom Walkers
Chapter 7 (Vermillion Wasteland) LV41Vermillion MantleVermillion Mantle
Chapter 8 (Basin Keep) LV01Broken DeckBroken Deck LV41Rough BranchRough Branch LV42Titan BootsTitan Boots LV42Titan EdgeTitan Edge LV42Titan GogglesTitan Goggles LV42Titan MailTitan Mail LV44ScarecrownScarecrown LV44Twitching SlicerTwitching Slicer LV45AehreAehre LV45Electrician's CapElectrician's Cap LV45Loose TrenchcoatLoose Trenchcoat LV45PathfindersPathfinders LV45Strawberry HatStrawberry Hat LV46FaedoraFaedora LV46Lawkeeper's FistLawkeeper's Fist LV46Survival PlateSurvival Plate LV46Urban SneakersUrban Sneakers LV47ExcalibroExcalibro LV47Hydraulic AnchorsHydraulic Anchors LV47Mystic MohawkMystic Mohawk LV47RootweaveRootweave LV47Silver HawkSilver Hawk LV47Sneaky ShivSneaky Shiv LV48Bandit's ScarfBandit's Scarf LV48Sparkling BracerSparkling Bracer LV49Climate CowlClimate Cowl LV49Timeworn BeltTimeworn Belt LV50Golden RevolverGolden Revolver LV51Bigger StickBigger Stick LV51Galaxy Spiral DrillGalaxy Spiral Drill LV52Trench BootsTrench Boots LV54Golden Chest PlateGolden Chest Plate
Chapter 9 pre-boss (Sapphire Ridge) LV01Broken ChakramsBroken Chakrams LV50Cobalt BootsCobalt Boots LV50Cobalt EdgeCobalt Edge LV50Cobalt GogglesCobalt Goggles LV50Cobalt MailCobalt Mail LV51Bluefiber RobeBluefiber Robe LV52Infinite BagInfinite Bag LV53Tengu MaskTengu Mask LV54Survivor's BladeSurvivor's Blade LV55BambootsBamboots LV55Hardhead HatHardhead Hat LV55Marksmen TriggerMarksmen Trigger LV55Shadowy CloakShadowy Cloak LV56Brave AnchorsBrave Anchors LV56Panzer FistPanzer Fist LV56Plated PlatePlated Plate LV56Scouting VisorScouting Visor LV57Burglar's RopeBurglar's Rope LV57Sonic SpikeSonic Spike LV58Lead BootsLead Boots LV58Shuddering CleaverShuddering Cleaver LV59Shining BracerShining Bracer LV60Lunatic PawsLunatic Paws LV60WarkeeperWarkeeper
End-game (Rhombus Square) LV59Laser BootsLaser Boots LV59Laser EdgeLaser Edge LV59Laser GogglesLaser Goggles LV59Laser MailLaser Mail LV60The Last StrawhatThe Last Strawhat LV61Centaur VestCentaur Vest LV61Gorgon VeilGorgon Veil LV61Hydra FangHydra Fang LV61Unicorn GreavesUnicorn Greaves LV62Deadly DancersDeadly Dancers LV62Old GetaOld Geta LV62Serene BubbleSerene Bubble LV62SkirmisherSkirmisher LV62Zealous LamellarZealous Lamellar LV63Furious HotheadFurious Hothead LV63Mantis WhipMantis Whip LV63Pioneer VestPioneer Vest LV63Praetorian AnchorsPraetorian Anchors LV63Unbreaking FistUnbreaking Fist LV64Brostick of ForceBrostick of Force LV64Golden FalconGolden Falcon LV64MistwalkersMistwalkers LV64Reactive PlateReactive Plate LV64Trackwalker VisorTrackwalker Visor LV65Assault HarnessAssault Harness LV65Combat SkatesCombat Skates LV65Dragon's BandanaDragon's Bandana LV65Eternal SalamiEternal Salami LV65Infinity Spiral DrillInfinity Spiral Drill LV65Killing DressKilling Dress LV65Knocking OneKnocking One LV65PaedalosPaedalos LV65Pendulum StrikerPendulum Striker LV65Tranquil EarmuffsTranquil Earmuffs LV66Artillery BootsArtillery Boots LV66Infinity+1 BagInfinity+1 Bag LV67Meister GlovesMeister Gloves LV67Plate of ChestsPlate of Chests LV68Lifefiber UniformLifefiber Uniform LV68Radiant BracerRadiant Bracer
Post-game (A New Home DLC) LV68Thrashing RipperThrashing Ripper LVL↑Cross BootsCross Boots LVL↑Cross EdgeCross Edge LVL↑Cross GogglesCross Goggles LVL↑Cross MailCross Mail LVL↑Chiron VestChiron Vest LVL↑Medusa VeilMedusa Veil LVL↑Cerberus FangCerberus Fang LVL↑Pegasus GreavesPegasus Greaves LVL↑Deadly Dancers+Deadly Dancers+ LVL↑Serene Bubble+Serene Bubble+ LVL↑Skirmisher+Skirmisher+ LVL↑Zealous Lamellar+Zealous Lamellar+ LVL↑Furious Hothead+Furious Hothead+ LVL↑Mantis Whip+Mantis Whip+ LVL↑Pioneer Vest+Pioneer Vest+ LVL↑Praetorian Anchors+Praetorian Anchors+ LVL↑Unbreaking Fist+Unbreaking Fist+ LVL↑Brostick of Force+Brostick of Force+ LVL↑Golden Falcon+Golden Falcon+ LVL↑Mistwalkers+Mistwalkers+ LVL↑Reactive Plate+Reactive Plate+ LVL↑Trackwalker Visor+Trackwalker Visor+ LVL↑Assault Harness+Assault Harness+ LVL↑Combat Skates+Combat Skates+ LVL↑Dragon's Bandana+Dragon's Bandana+ LVL↑Eternal Salami+Eternal Salami+ LVL↑Singularity DrillSingularity Drill LVL↑Killing Dress+Killing Dress+ LVL↑Knocking One+Knocking One+ LVL↑Paedalos+Paedalos+ LVL↑Pendulum Striker+Pendulum Striker+ LVL↑Tranquil Earmuffs+Tranquil Earmuffs+ LVL↑Artillery Boots+Artillery Boots+ LVL↑Speedy Boom BootsSpeedy Boom Boots LVL↑Highmeister GlovesHighmeister Gloves LVL↑Lis'mita CapLis'mita Cap LVL↑Enlightened HaloEnlightened Halo LVL↑Very Last StrawhatVery Last Strawhat LVL↑Body ArmoireBody Armoire LVL↑Lifefiber DressLifefiber Dress LVL↑Sunshine BracerSunshine Bracer LVL↑Shuriken ShooterShuriken Shooter LVL↑Meteor TriggerMeteor Trigger LVL↑Sunglass VisorSunglass Visor LVL↑Asteroid BeltAsteroid Belt LVL↑MoonwalkersMoonwalkers LVL↑Tremor MirageTremor Mirage LVL↑Nanopoint NeedleNanopoint Needle LVL↑Lunatic Paws UwULunatic Paws UwU LVL↑Bearserker ClawBearserker Claw LVL↑Headset TYPE:3Headset TYPE>:3 LVL↑Nightfeather CoatNightfeather Coat

Trade Items[ | ]

Found List
Valuable Items Golden SatchelGolden Satchel Golden BarsGolden Bars Golden TicketGolden Ticket
Common Trades Veggie SetVeggie Set Fruit SetFruit Set Spice SetSpice Set Junk MetalJunk Metal Refined MetalRefined Metal Precious MetalPrecious Metal Epic MetalEpic Metal Antique TokenAntique Token
Quest-tied Trades Brewing Kit: BearBrewing Kit: Bear Brewing Kit: CrabBrewing Kit: Crab Brewing Kit: WhaleBrewing Kit: Whale Turret TokensTurret Tokens Marinated MeatMarinated Meat
Autumn's Rise Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves Season ApplesSeason Apples Bear CicadaBear Cicada Gold BeetleGold Beetle Twilight DewTwilight Dew Azure DragonflyAzure Dragonfly Raw MeatRaw Meat Metal NeedlesMetal Needles Headphone ScrapsHeadphone Scraps Bovine SkinBovine Skin
Bergen Trail Feather LeafFeather Leaf Rusty BitsRusty Bits Frozen TearFrozen Tear Pike WoodPike Wood Purple Ore LumpPurple Ore Lump Winter ThornWinter Thorn Bergen IceBergen Ice Fluffy FurFluffy Fur Rock BeakRock Beak Solid BubbleSolid Bubble Diabolic HornsDiabolic Horns Frosted CarrotFrosted Carrot Perforated TophatPerforated Tophat
Temple Mine Bug ShellBug Shell Metal GearsMetal Gears Blue OrbBlue Orb
Maroon Valley Tough SandTough Sand Arid LumberArid Lumber Rainbow GemRainbow Gem Vivid WaterVivid Water Palmapple SeedPalmapple Seed Cactone FruitCactone Fruit Maroon ChestnutMaroon Chestnut Old BonesOld Bones Helix RelicHelix Relic Lucid ShardLucid Shard Crystal LeekCrystal Leek Glaring RockGlaring Rock Ancient EarthAncient Earth Poison StingerPoison Stinger Dry FinDry Fin Drill StoneDrill Stone Phoenix FeatherPhoenix Feather Squishy TeethSquishy Teeth Hardened LiverHardened Liver
Faj'ro Temple Butter SilkButter Silk Jelly ExtractJelly Extract Magma ResidueMagma Residue Laser EyesLaser Eyes
Autumn's Fall Parched LeavesParched Leaves Ripe ApplesRipe Apples Wolf CicadaWolf Cicada White GrainWhite Grain Sunset DewSunset Dew Crimson DragonflyCrimson Dragonfly
Vermillion Wasteland Infected CellInfected Cell Elemental DNAElemental DNA
Gaia's Garden Curly FarnCurly Farn Steel CombSteel Comb Elder WoodElder Wood Royal HiveRoyal Hive Venom ShroomVenom Shroom Glowing SphereGlowing Sphere Virus RootVirus Root Blue MangoBlue Mango Exotic ResinExotic Resin Star FruitStar Fruit Common PlanterCommon Planter Spiky NutSpiky Nut Moon FruitMoon Fruit Slime DropSlime Drop Palette BlossomPalette Blossom Huge NutHuge Nut Glow PearGlow Pear Static FurballStatic Furball Lazy ClawLazy Claw Stout BackplateStout Backplate
Basin Keep TrashTrash
Zir'vitar Temple Metal DownMetal Down Power SpinachPower Spinach Living BoltLiving Bolt
So'najiz Temple Plain CubePlain Cube Sea DiscSea Disc
Sapphire Ridge Blue GrassBlue Grass Pink PetalPink Petal Mystery GrapeMystery Grape Green ArborGreen Arbor Catalop PelletCatalop Pellet Steel BambooSteel Bamboo Dirty RubbleDirty Rubble Spark TinSpark Tin Cobalt CrystalCobalt Crystal Samurai ShellSamurai Shell Ronin ShellRonin Shell Sharp SplitterSharp Splitter HoverpadHoverpad Sticky WebSticky Web
Azure Archipelago (A New Home DLC) Coral PieceCoral Piece Mellow WaterMellow Water Yellow SpongeYellow Sponge Shell NutShell Nut Core StoneCore Stone Ember SackEmber Sack Worm BandWorm Band Razor TipRazor Tip
Ku'lero Temple (A New Home DLC) Strange ShardStrange Shard Cone SeedCone Seed Antique OreAntique Ore Rose ConeRose Cone Salty GrassSalty Grass Focus ShardFocus Shard Barrel BeakBarrel Beak Burned AshBurned Ash Rumble HiveRumble Hive
Booster Gems RubyRuby GarnetGarnet DiamondDiamond MoonstoneMoonstone CitrineCitrine TopazTopaz AmethystAmethyst EmeraldEmerald Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli
Unique or Rare Items Halcyon DropletHalcyon Droplet Portrait of RuinPortrait of Ruin Heaven's SeedHeaven's Seed Everlasting AmberEverlasting Amber Galaxy BerryGalaxy Berry Dream GlobeDream Globe Dropped MicDropped Mic Polished MicPolished Mic Twilight ShardTwilight Shard Tremor EngineTremor Engine Geta WoodGeta Wood Geta StrapsGeta Straps Geta GlueGeta Glue Spiral GemSpiral Gem Creation GemCreation Gem Infinity GemInfinity Gem Perfect KarrotPerfect Karrot Hungry SalmonHungry Salmon Mysterious BoxMysterious Box Omni LockOmni Lock ChestlinkChestlink Golden RingGolden Ring Blue ShellBlue Shell Dungeon HeartDungeon Heart Golden TriangleGolden Triangle King's RingKing's Ring MasterballMasterball
Post-game Unique Items (A New Home DLC) Light GemLight Gem Gold Surprise EggGold Surprise Egg Rift SporeRift Spore Champion's TowelChampion's Towel Dragon SphereDragon Sphere Tranquility SphereTranquility Sphere Pendulum SpherePendulum Sphere Knocking SphereKnocking Sphere Salami SphereSalami Sphere Killing SphereKilling Sphere Assault SphereAssault Sphere Roller SphereRoller Sphere Skate SphereSkate Sphere Ultra Secret NoteUltra Secret Note Asteroid ChunkAsteroid Chunk Meteor ChunkMeteor Chunk Moon ChunkMoon Chunk The Last StrawThe Last Straw
Other Post-game Items (A New Home DLC) Brewing Kit: FoxBrewing Kit: Fox

Valuable Items[ | ]

Main article: Items/Valuables
Use List
Main Story Thief's KeyThief's Key White KeyWhite Key Radiant KeyRadiant Key Disc of InsightDisc of Insight Green Leaf ShadeGreen Leaf Shade Blue Ice ShadeBlue Ice Shade Yellow Sand ShadeYellow Sand Shade Red Flame ShadeRed Flame Shade Green Seed ShadeGreen Seed Shade Purple Bolt ShadePurple Bolt Shade Azure Drop ShadeAzure Drop Shade Star ShadeStar Shade Meteor ShadeMeteor Shade Guild PassGuild Pass Mine PassMine Pass Maroon Cave PassMaroon Cave Pass Old Dojo KeyOld Dojo Key Mine KeyMine Key Mine Master KeyMine Master Key Faj'ro KeyFaj'ro Key Faj'ro Master KeyFaj'ro Master Key Zir'vitar KeyZir'vitar Key So'najiz KeySo'najiz Key Krys'kajo KeyKrys'kajo Key Kajo Master KeyKajo Master Key Ti'im ResidueTi'im Residue Shiny OrbShiny Orb Stone KeyStone Key Golden BugGolden Bug
Sidequests Disc of FloraDisc of Flora Laser PickaxeLaser Pickaxe Laser TNTLaser TNT Mining DocsMining Docs Autumn ProbeAutumn Probe Bergen ProbeBergen Probe Maroon ProbeMaroon Probe Gaia ProbeGaia Probe Holiday PresentHoliday Present Geo-Data 3469Geo-Data #3469 Pure Autumn CiderPure Autumn Cider Autumn SalveAutumn Salve Weird Hillkat TechWeird Hillkat Tech Autumn IngredientsAutumn Ingredients Captured BunnyCaptured Bunny Capture DeviceCapture Device Storage Unit 1Storage Unit #1 Aspiration ProofAspiration Proof Stone of ValorStone of Valor Stone of SpaceStone of Space Stone of TruthStone of Truth Stone of SpiritStone of Spirit Stone of AgesStone of Ages Very Large EmberVery Large Ember Flintzer ExcretionsFlintzer Excretions GITGIT Hermit RepairkitHermit Repairkit Progression ProofProgression Proof Billston's ComBillston's Com Aged TravelguideAged Travelguide Brewing KitBrewing Kit Smelter PartsSmelter Parts Cursed CoinCursed Coin Jack's FlameJack's Flame Tracker ChipTracker Chip SmokawaySmokaway Old Man's BookOld Man's Book Coarse PowerringCoarse Powerring SupercrownSupercrown Snowtank DatachipSnowtank Datachip Fishy DocumentsFishy Documents Hightech ValveHightech Valve
Other Uses Circuit OverrideCircuit Override Pond Slums PassPond Slums Pass Old BlueprintOld Blueprint Encrypted KeyEncrypted Key Facility X KeyFacility X Key
A New Home DLC Ancient ShadeAncient Shade Ku'lero KeyKu'lero Key Ku'lero Master KeyKu'lero Master Key MacGuffin's CoinMacGuffin's Coin Full Rhombus PassFull Rhombus Pass Ancient CupsAncient Cups Ascension ProofAscension Proof Tremor Lab KeyTremor Lab Key Tremor CoreTremor Core Symbol of NeutralSymbol of Neutral Symbol of HeatSymbol of Heat Symbol of ColdSymbol of Cold Symbol of ShockSymbol of Shock Symbol of WaveSymbol of Wave

Add-On Items[ | ]

Main article: Items/Add-Ons
Use List
Detectors Mine DetectorMine Detector Chest DetectorChest Detector
Boosters Rise BoosterRise Booster Fall BoosterFall Booster Trail BoosterTrail Booster Valley BoosterValley Booster Garden BoosterGarden Booster Ridge BoosterRidge Booster
Cosmetics Sparkly BootsSparkly Boots Holiday BootsHoliday Boots Holiday HatHoliday Hat KunoichiKunoichi ManleaManlea Element AuraElement Aura Menacing AuraMenacing Aura
Pets Orange TwisterOrange Twister Baby PengBaby Peng FDNI FoxFDNI Fox Good BoyGood Boy S-RexS-Rex Lil' ReapLil' Reap Red LizRed Liz Shy FlyShy Fly T.A.N.K.T.A.N.K. Micro CrawlerMicro Crawler Cool BarCool Bar
Post-game Pets (A New Home DLC) BatboyBatboy ButterfliegeButterfliege PiggybankPiggybank SeedlingSeedling TurboTurbo I Rob-0TI Rob-0T Baby of the EastBaby of the East GooseGoose Nuclear RoachNuclear Roach ChunkyChunky

Unobtainable Items[ | ]

Due to CrossCode's long period of Early Access, numerous items existed in previous versions of the game but are not available in the current version. Most of these have since been overwritten or moved in the game code, so that old save files containing them would have them replaced with a different item, but a few can still exist in-game without modding.

Type List
No longer obtainable, but can exist in old saves LV01-Rauser-Rauser LV01Winner's PrideWinner's Pride The End (Item)The End Ye dirty 'ol cheaterYe dirty 'ol cheater Key PieceKey Piece Disc of TreasureDisc of Treasure -Observatory Key-Observatory Key Precursor ShardPrecursor Shard Gaia Temple PassGaia Temple Pass
No longer ownable without modding PlacebotionPlacebotion LV01- Pig Mask- Pig Mask Raw SteakRaw Steak LV01D. C-137 GunD. C-137 Gun LV01Red Bandana (Weapon)Red Bandana Ordinary FishOrdinary Fish SecretBallSecretBall Achievement (Item)Achievement Placeholder 1 (Item)Placeholder #1 LV25Holiday Hat (Head)Holiday Hat LV13Sparkly Boots (Legs)Sparkly Boots LV48Holiday Boots (Legs)Holiday Boots Vermillion JewelVermillion Jewel Cinder GemCinder Gem Rusty HookRusty Hook Moistured LineMoistured Line Ambiguous RodAmbiguous Rod Food Temp 1Food Temp #1 Food Temp 2Food Temp #2 Neutral StoneNeutral Stone - Monk Reward- Monk Reward