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Ivan Vestorovich, nickname Iroh, is a major shareholder and player of CrossWorlds.

Iroh (Mr. Vestorovich)

Ivan is one of the major investors of Instatainment and interested in everything related to AI. He is also a close friend of Albert. With his help the future of Evotars might be saved.

-Encyclopedia people entry

Appearance[ | ]

Personality[ | ]

Relationships[ | ]

Mr. Vestorovich is a friend of Albert. He also has an unnamed secretary.

History[ | ]

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

At the First Scholars guild HQ, Albert mentions a shareholder named Ivan right before he logs out. On the next day, Lea can find him chatting with Ivan in Rhombus Square, specifically on a rooftop near the southeastern corner of Lloyd Passage.

If Lea meets Ivan and impresses him for how human-like she is, the game's "good" ending will occur.