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The Ivory Bovine is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Autumn's Fall.

Ivory Bovine

The Ivory Bovine is the oldest of the bovines and gets its bright and blue colors once it reaches old age. This means it has become wise enough to rest and enjoy the rest of its life. It will spend most of its time away from its younger kind and eat grass. This doesn't mean it is not strong however. It will attack even harder and emit strong shockwaves both when charging and stomping. Mindlessly rushing in will only get you hurt!

-Monster Fibula report


The Ivory Bovine is a large, four-legged creature with prominent bull horns. It is mainly covered in whiteish fur, except for its head and shoulder area, which has thick armored plates colored gray with blue markings.


During combat, the Ivory Bovine slowly follows Lea around, taking care to always face her. It has two attacks that it uses. The first is a ground stomp that starts with the Bovine flashing red; it generates a powerful short-range shockwave that can damage the player even if they are on a higher ledge, as well as a short trail of homing shockwaves that follow the player. Its second attack is a charge, and is made clear by it flashing red and pawing the ground beforehand. It charges in a straight line until it either hits the player for substantial damage, or runs slightly past them. If the Bovine runs into an obstacle while charging, it will be knocked out and immobile for a substantial period of time. However, it will send two arcs of shockwaves off to the side when it hits the obstacle. The front of the Bovine is heavily armored and takes minimal damage, while VRP's do less damage to it than to other enemies, even when attacking it in the back. Both of the Ivory Bovine's attacks disrupt shields.


The Ivory Bovine is nearly invulnerable to damage from the front, and since it turns to face Lea, typical attacking is of little use against them. The principal strategy to fight them involves standing in front of a wall and Dashing away from their charge attack, causing them to hit the wall and be knocked out. The shockwaves it emits on hitting the wall make this more dangerous than with the weaker Bovines, however. The player is then free to use Melee attacks to deal them substantial damage from behind. It is also feasible, particularly for low-level players, to lead them to charge into water, removing 25% of their health each time. Be sure to keep your distance from non-stunned Bovines, as their stomp attack can be used with next to no warning.

Having a party member is very helpful against Bovines, as they can only face one person at a time, leaving the other free to attack them from behind even when they are not stunned.

Due to the special strategies required to defeat them, facing Bovines with other enemies can be a challenging task. For inexperienced players, the best option will be to run; the slower Bovine will quickly fall behind and lose aggression. Alternative strategies are to quickly kill the Bovine with Combat Arts that bypass defense, or lead it to stun itself and concentrate on the other enemies while it is stunned. For multiple Bovines, try to separate them using their charge attack, so that you can deal damage to one before the other has the chance to reach you and use its stomp attack.


Autumn's Fall

Ancient Center: 2
Ruined Path: 1
Southern Exit: 1
Eastern Exit: 3
Secluded Path: 2
Great Lake: 6
Northern Exit: 1