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The Ivory Bovine is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Autumn's Fall.

Ivory Bovine

The Ivory Bovine is the oldest of the bovines and gets its bright and blue colors once it reaches old age. This means it has become wise enough to rest and enjoy the rest of its life. It will spend most of its time away from its younger kind and eat grass. This doesn't mean it is not strong however. It will attack even harder and emit strong shockwaves both when charging and stomping. Mindlessly rushing in will only get you hurt!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Ivory Bovine is a large, four-legged creature with prominent bull horns. It is mainly covered in whiteish fur, except for its head and shoulder area, which have thick armored plates colored gray with blue markings.

Combat[ | ]

It wears a mask that almost nullifies damage from frontal attacks, but the rest of its body isn't protected. Even then, it is resistant to Balls, no matter the direction it is being attacked from.

It follows the player around, always facing them, and uses one of two attacks. Both are upgraded versions of the attacks used by Bovines found earlier in the game. For the first attack, the enemy flashes red, approaches the player and stomps the ground, causing a small shockwave that extends further and homes into the player. For the second one, it paws the ground and charges towards the player. It will stop charging if it travels far enough, hits the player or slams its face into a wall. If the last scenario happens, two small homing shockwaves will go after the player while the Ivory Bovine becomes stunned and its body takes more damage until it recovers.

Strategies[ | ]

Since they always face you, you can bounce Balls off the walls to hit it from behind while you wait for them to charge. Having a party member around will force them to face only one person, but this can also lead to that same party member tanking the charges and preventing the Ivory Bovines from getting stunned. When they hit a wall, wait for the shockwaves to dissipate before you approach them. You can also lure them into a body of water to do enviromental damage instead.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall
  • Ancient Center (x2)
  • Ruined Path (x1)
  • Southern Exit (x1)
  • Eastern Exit (x3)
  • Secluded Path (x2)
  • Great Lake (x6)
  • Northern Exit (x1)
  • Ruby Tunnel (x2)
Only during the Chase of the Hologram Frobbit quest:
  • Great Lake (x4)
During both the original Para Island Raid and the Raid Rematch in A New Home:
  • Para Island 2 (x2)
  • Para Island 3 (x3)

Gallery[ | ]