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Fan-material-iconThis article contains fan material. Such material is NOT considered canon within the CrossCode universe.

JANUS is a fan-created original character made by Pyrocorvid.

Real Life[ | ]

Nothing is known about his real life. Any rumors that he is a starship mechanic named Douglas Walters are completely false.

In CrossWorlds[ | ]


JANUS is a hacker and griefer in CrossWorlds. He uses a wide range of alt accounts, typically named with various puns on JANUS. These accounts are perpetually getting banned, and he is careful to keep his main account, a scrawny-looking Quadroguard, well separated from his hacking to avoid the attention of the mods. JANUS is a lone wolf, as his thoroughly unpleasant personality and complete willingness to backstab anyone else for the slightest gain have made him an outcast from the CrossWorlds hacker groups. He has an obsession with unimplemented CrossWorlds content, particularly glitched items, of which he has a large collection. Unfinished areas of the Playground are also of great interest to him, and he gets a kick out of trapping unsuspecting players in these locations. He was aware of the existence of Vermillion Wasteland long before the Evotar project, and has some mysterious arrangement with Benedict Sidwell about the area. Avoid him if at all possible.