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The Jack'On'Fire is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Gaia's Garden and Basin Keep during the Pumpkin Land Superfun quest.


When it's dark and spooky out in the night, the blazing pumpkin will come and eat you alive. One wrong step, one loud noise, be afraid of the pumpkin in the night.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Jack'On'Fire is pumpkin with a spooky face carved into it. A white-yellow light comes out of its holes when it shoots fire.

Combat[ | ]

Jack'On'Fires are initially hidden, but when the player comes too close, a small flame appears for a brief second, after which the enemy appears with an explosion that deals no damage. After this, it will follow the player from a distance, although it won't flee from them if they get closer, and frequently use one of two attacks. With its first attack, it spits out three fireballs that travel a certain distance and slightly home in on their target. For its second attack, the Jack'On'Fire begins to flash red and small flames start appearing around it. It first makes two small hops in place before jumping up high and trying to land on its target three times, creating an explosion on each landing. After the third jump, it'll remain still for about three seconds and can be broken with a Melee attack. When broken, the Jack'On'Fire will have flames spinning around it that deal damage to the player if they get too close. Whenever it has very little health left, it'll start flashing red, emitting flame particles and creating shock-waves around itself. While this happens, it'll quickly hop in place three times before charging at its target with great speed. Once it reaches its target or charges for too long, it'll blow itself up, dealing massive damage. All of its attacks are Heat-based.

Strategies[ | ]

The Jack'On'Fire can surprise you when you find it, but you shouldn't worry about initial damage, since the first explosion doesn't cause any. Its first attack is pretty easy to dodge by Dashing to the side. Its second attack is harder to dodge, especially when there are more enemies or you're fighting it in a small area. It can be useful to dash into the direction it came from, since it doesn't have a lot of maneuverability while in the air. After they've jumped three times, you might want to break them with a Dash or Melee Combat Art to avoid taking damage from the flames that appear around it after you've hit it, even though they don't deal a lot of damage. After this, the Cold throwing Combat Art, Hail-flurry-icon Hail Flurry, can be used to finish them off quickly.

When dealing with multiple enemies, make sure to be very careful of the Jack'On'Fire's health. If it gets low, its third attack can defeat you instantly, and its very difficult to dodge. It's best to focus a Jack'On'Fire with the Cold element to deal with it quickly and make sure that it won't get to use its third attack. You might want to do this after you've killed any other monsters since they could block your shots. When you do need to dodge the third attack, try doing so with a Dash Art or with the use of the terrain, since it's almost impossible to dodge it with a normal dash. If you are going to get hit, try quickly changing to the Heat element to take less damage from the explosion so that you might still survive.

The ring of fire this enemy generates whenever it gets broken doesn't appear instantly, it appears a fraction of a second after it lands instead. You can pummel it with Melee attacks before the ring appears if you are fast enough.

Locations[ | ]

Only during the Pumpkin Land Superfun quest.
Gaia's Garden
  • Lost Lookout (x1)
  • Seared Lake (x2)
  • Infested Marshes South (x1)
  • Infested Marshes North (x3)
Basin Keep
  • Pumpkin Fun Land (x6)

Gallery[ | ]