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Joern is a CrossWorlds player starting a new character of the Quadroguard class. He is Apollo's boyfriend.


Joern is a laid-back player of CrossWorlds and friend of Apollo. Though they seem to be very close to each other, Apollo's vigilante antics often tend to annoy Joern, who then apologizes to everyone involved before moving on.

-Encyclopedia People entry


Joern's avatar is very tall and muscular. He has dark brown hair cut short, with green highlights along his oddly square-shaped hairline. He has green eyes and a small mole on his cheek. He has a lower half helmet with the rectangular cheek protrusions typically seen on Quadroguards. He wears a set of metal armor patterned with blue squares over a black bodysuit.


Joern has had little interaction shown by which to judge his personality, but he is shown to quickly and bluntly defuse the growing conflict between Apollo and Lea, suggesting a straightforward and reasonable outlook.


Joern and Apollo are friends. It is implied that they are also living together (It is briefly mentioned that the duo owns several cats outside of CrossWorlds). Joern is shown to be unamused by Apollo's antics and refuses to humor him, instead apologizing to Lea on his behalf, suggesting that Joern is quite willing to do what is best for Apollo, whether he likes it or not.

It is later revealed that Apollo and Joern are a couple, seen as they share a kiss after the final PvP-battle with Lea.

Role in CrossCode[]

Joern is seen briefly at the final section of Newcomer's Bridge, where he defuses the conflict between Apollo and Lea.

Development Notes[]

Joern was originally known as Jörk, but his name was changed in version 0.5.0.