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The K'im is a Monster in CrossCode. It can be encountered in Azure Archipelago.


A close relative to the Tim, this worm shares many features with it. However, a keen eye quickly spots the unique transformation it exhibits when exposed to the Cold element. Its body becomes almost impregnable. If only there was a way to warm it back up...

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

K’ims, based in their CrossWorlds description, are literal sandworms. Its similar to a mobile volcano with a sandy body and corals instead of teeth around its mouth. It also has corals inside of itself, which it reveals after getting frozen or wetted.

Combat[ | ]

All of its attacks are throwing boulders into the air directed at the player. When encountered, it can shoot a flaming boulder that deals area damage or a big one that releases three fire clouds. Attacking it with Cold will freeze its insides and make it shoot a single ice ball that leaves a big icicle on the floor, and attacking it with Heat right after will melt the ice and leave its insides exposed, making it susceptible to damage and changing its attacks to shooting a big boulder that divides into three or shooting four small boulders, the last two being shot at the same time. This enemy is more resistant while moving because it burrows underground.

Strategies[ | ]

Freezing them turns them completely harmless, allowing you to confront any other aggressive enemy before them. Aside from that, their fire and wet attacks behave just like the regular Tim's, with the only difference being an elemental swap.

Locations[ | ]

Azure Archipelago

  • UFO Island (x4)
  • Rough Lagoon (x3)
  • Calm Pocket (x2)
  • Altar of the Key (x2) (non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]