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The Kamikater is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Sapphire Ridge.


This forgotten robot was once intended to be used as a mining tool to create new tunnels to gather the precious Sapphire Cobalt from. However, due to incidents in the Bergen Village Mine the robots were disabled. Some of them however still lay dormant inside the tunnels and are highly volatile. Once charged with electricity they will initiate a target seeking self-destruction sequence powerful enough to clear loose boulders.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Kamikater is a round, floating robot that has a head that vaguely resembles that of a cat and has three chutes, a square one in the front and two round ones on the side. It is a re-colour of the Kamikatze, but without the Fleazers. It stays disabled and with its eyes closed when inactive.

Combat[ | ]

This enemy is actually meant to be used as a tool. First, hit it enough time with Shock attacks so it activates and begins following you. Then, guide it to the rocks or the enemies you desire to destroy and wait until its self-destruct countdown starts. After that, when its timer is about to reach one second, it will stay in place. To finalize, take cover: it will blow up by itself when its timer reaches 0 and destroy any destructible objects in its range, mainly rocks, but also Botanics like Alpha, Beta or Omega crystals.

Strategies[ | ]

Kamikaters move faster the further you are from them. If you want one to go through long distances, throw Balls at it from somewhere far away. You can sometimes bounce them from walls to do this. Although it doesn’t deal much damage, it can be used to push enemies in case they are clumped together. The damage it deals to you isn’t relevant outside of combat because you will heal it almost instantly.

Locations[ | ]

Sapphire Ridge
  • Eroded Passage (x1)
  • Spider Chasm (x2)
  • Narrow Passage (x1)
  • Wheel Passage (x4)
  • The Barracks (x6)
  • The Bellow[1]
  1. During Pandza Mk. II boss fight.

Gallery[ | ]