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The Kamikatze is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Temple Mine.


This bot was used to produce and carry highly explosive bombs into smaller tunnels inside the mine for controlled explosions. Thanks to the track it now uses said bombs against us and also uses a spinning flamethrower that it had built in for... reasons?

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Kamikatze is a round, floating robot that has a head that vaguely resembles that of a cat and has three chutes, a square one in the front and two round ones on the side. It seems to be infected by Fleazers.

Combat[ | ]

When engaged in combat, the Kamikatze tries to stay at a specific, medium distance from Lea and use one of its three attacks. The most common is shooting two fireballs that home in slightly. Another attack involves flashing red, then starting to spin and surrounding itself by two large spirals of fireballs, all while trying to get close to Lea. Its last attack also starts with it flashing red, but it is followed by the Kamikatze approaching Lea, then dropping a bomb.

Whenever the Kamikatze is hit by a bomb, it will be stunned and receive more damage. All of its attack can be guarded, except for the bomb.

Strategies[ | ]

The Kamikatze's most common attack can easily be dodged or simply shielded. Its main danger lies in the spiraling fire, which is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. Try to stay away from this attack as much as possible and, when cornered, try guarding the attack. The Kamikatze last attack can be used to stun it by detonating it in time with a charged shot or with any heat based attack. Be careful when there are multiple Kamikatze's around, since others can detonate thrown bombs with their fire attacks. Lastly, the bombs must sometimes be used for destroying obstacles to reach certain places.

Locations[ | ]

Temple Mine

Old Shaft 2: X3 (1 non-respawning)
Frozen Chamber 1: X1
Frozen Chamber 2: X2 (non-respawning)
Frozen Shaft 3: X1
Frozen Shaft 5: X2 (non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Kamikatze was introduced with the Temple Mine in Early Access v0.4.0.
  • The Kamikatze's name is derived from Kamikaze and Katze, which is German for Cat.