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Karotto Fruitseeker is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Gaia's Garden, in the Frozen Lair, as part of the Melting this Cold Fiend quest.

Abstract Boss
Karotto Fruitseeker

The fruit-obsessed leader of a rogue group of Karotto that aspired to make the warm lands of Gaia's Garden their home. To that end it led robberies to steal large quantities of cooling devices which were supposed to slowly turn the Jungle into a climate more comfortable for Snowmen to live in. Despite its exceptional intelligence, it could not grasp the irony of that entire plan.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Karotto Fruitseeker is a large snowman with coal eyes, a banana nose, a skirt made of red petals and some sort of plant on top of its head. The snow is slightly yellow, it has two sticklike arms and carries a large cannon made of snow. It can walk around on short, stumpy legs. Strongly resembles a Tourist Karotto.

Combat[ | ]

The Karotto Fruitseeker behaves similarly to other Karottos, with its main attacks including a volley of snowballs and a single shot of three. Additionally, however, this boss can target the inactive cooling devices to activate them and will try to get close to them when possible to benefit from the healing they provide to it. It will also destabilize the wave machine by freezing it every once in a while.

The main distinctive feature of this enemy, however, is the sturdy armour it has, which can be removed temporarily by activating the wave machine close to it. If kept active, it is likely that the Karotto Fruitseeker will be able to heal faster than it can be damaged, making this mechanic almost mandatory to use.

Strategies[ | ]

Teleport the wave machine close to a cooling device, make sure that all devices are inactive whenever possible and focus mainly on dodging or gaining SP in neutral mode for the rest. When the Fruitseeker seems about to approach the wave machine, activate it to break it and do as much damage as possible, as to reach an HP break point before it recovers.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden

Gallery[ | ]