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Ketin D'Kar is a mysterious CrossWorlds player who appears to have multiple classes, a feat that is supposedly impossible.

Appearance[ | ]

D'Kar has a lined, leonine face and brown eyes. He has a large mane of spiky brown hair with prominent sideburns. His equipment is an eclectic mix of items from all five classes. His headgear, which encircles his face, shows all class symbols and includes notable Quadroguard chin blocks and a Triblader visor. He wears a deep indigo cloak over a metal breastplate marked with a blue square, and additional armor of dark metal under that. He has baggy orange pants and metal boots with Triblader green trim. He wears a red armband on one arm and a metal shoulderguard trimmed with green on the other. He also has non-matching vambraces, with one having blue trim and the other having red. Concept art shows him equipped with two swords and a mace.

Personality[ | ]

D'Kar has had very little on-screen time so far. From what has been seen, he comes across as rather stoic, brusque and curmudgeonly. He blames Lea for startling him, and requests that she complete a quest for him as an apology. He does briefly show a warm side, complimenting Lea on successfully completing the quest.

History[ | ]

D'Kar wears gear from every class, something that should not be allowed in CrossWorlds. The reason for this is unknown, and given D'Kar's quiet personality and Lea's speech difficulties, it may be a long time before the true story is revealed.

After meeting him and helping him three times, D'kar reveals to Lea that he was a Closed Beta tester of CrossWorlds, alongside his four children. They played the game together until they mysteriously stopped six months before the events of the game.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

D'Kar gives you a total of five side quests revolving around the finding of broken equipment in different locations within CrossWorlds. He can only be found at one location at a time and moves to a new location once you complete one of his tasks. He can be found at the following locations in the given order:

Market Place in Rookie Harbor surrounded by crates.

"House 2", located in the middle of Bergen Village.

"Shad Home" in Ba'kii Kum.

"Echelon Tower" in Basin Keep.

"Books 'n Worms" in Rhombus Square (Added in patch 1.0.3)

Quests[ | ]

Quests centered around the character Ketin D'Kar can be found the page Broken Weapons/Quests

Gallery[ | ]