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King Kaktorro is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Maroon Valley as part of the Waves of Sand quest.

Abstract Boss
King Kaktorro

Piles of sand, presumably animated by the spirit of what was once an Ancient leader of sort. It spends its eternal life guarding mysterious treasure in dry areas.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

King Kaktorro’s body is made of three spherical mounds of sand which grow from top to bottom, with two extra small mounds that act as feet. He has two black eyes, a green cactus nose, and wields a cannon that is also made out of sand. He wears a shiny golden ring with an embedded red gemstone as a belt, a white piece of cloth on his head and a pair of goggles on top of it. His arms are wooden sticks attached to the middle of his body.

Combat[ | ]

The arena he is fought in is full of quicksand and only has eight squares of solid ground set up surrounding the middle, with a ninth one in the center where King Kaktorro stays most of the time. He can walk out of it since he doesn't sink in quicksand. Every surrounding square has a Wave Teleporter the player can use to dodge attacks without walking through the quicksand. His cannon can act as both a flamethrower and a grenade launcher depending on if he shakes it or not.

Phase 1

  • Shakes his cannon and launches two Heat grenades into the air that stop for an instant before directing themselves to the player. These leave lingering fire clouds on their crash site.
  • Fires his flamethrower, attempting to follow the player with the fire stream.
  • Enlarges his cannon, jumps into the air and hits the ground, causing an explosion beneath him. Then, he fires longer and more continuous streams of fire with his flamethrower for a really long period of time, always seeking the player. Here, a red, cone-shaped light will come out in front of him to make his line of sight clear. If the player teleports somewhere out of his sight, he will get confused and stop attacking, giving them the chance to hit him with Melee and break him. When broken, he can use all of his attacks except for this one, but the quicksand stays inactive until he recovers.
  • In case the player attacks with Melee while he is broken, he might do a small hop to cause an explosion around himself. He recovers from his broken state by jumping, charging and shaking the sand with a stomp to turn it into quicksand again.

Phase 2

  • Before shooting fire with his enlarged cannon, he launches two grenades at two different platforms, indicated by red crosshairs. They will also leave lingering fire clouds to reduce maneuverability.
  • His other attacks stay the same.

Phase 3

  • Launches four grenades with his enlarged cannon before using it as a flamethrower. In this case, the grenades are always directed at either the horizontal and vertical platforms, or the diagonal ones relative to himself.
  • Launches three grenades instead of two.
  • Other attacks stay the same.

Strategies[ | ]

  • If he fires grenades, wait for them to stop in middair before teleporting away. They can’t turn around are unable to quickly change their directions while stationary.
  • During his third phase, to get out of his line of sight while he does his special attack, try walking in the opposite direction of the portal that is perpendicular to you. Then, just as he begins to attack, teleport to it.
  • He stops acting entirely when he gets confused. You can use this to your advantage and hit him with Frozen Star-icon Frozen Star or Blizzard Hawk -icon Blizzard Hawk.

Locations[ | ]

Maroon Valley
Only during the Waves of Sand quest.
  • Barren Temple Treasury

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • While the snow-based version of this enemy is called Karotto, this one is called Kaktorro. This might be because it has a cactus for a nose instead of a carrot.