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Landmarks in CrossCode are special locations used for fast travel within CrossWorlds.

Mechanics[ | ]

A landmark can be unlocked by visiting it. Once a landmark is unlocked, selecting it within the Map Menu will teleport the player to it.

Landmarks will occasionally be deactivated and inaccessible for plot reasons. This occurs particularly with Vermillion Wasteland, where outside landmarks are temporarily deactivated while in the area, and the landmark there is deactivated on leaving. Another notable example is the landmark on the M.S. Solar, which is only manually activated in the A New Home DLC by Sergey, despite that location being visited several times in the main game.

The main landmark in each city doubles as a teleporter to Cross Central.

Two New Game Plus perks interact with landmarks. Classic Heals blocks Lea's regeneration outside of combat except when she is at a landmark. Classic Porter prevents using fast travel except when you are already at a landmark.

List of Landmarks[ | ]

Area Map Landmark Name Notes
M.S. Solar Teleporter Cargo Hold Unlocked during A New Home
Rhombus Square Crosscentral Balcony Cross Central Balcony
Cross Central Cross Central
Shopping District Shopping District Also a Sky Rail terminal
South Arch South Arch Also a Sky Rail terminal
North Arch Business District Only reachable in A New Home
Open PVP Fields Global Quest Hub Only reachable in A New Home
Rookie Harbor Beginners Arc Harbor Teleporter Also a teleporter to Cross Central
Marketplace Rhombus Fountain
Autumn's Rise Entrance Western Exit
Obelisk Lake Old Obelisk
Old Observatory Old Observatory
Ending Pathway Northern Exit
Autumn Residences Autumn Residences
Bergen Trail Entrance Resting Spot
Spike Heights Hermit's House
Rising Path 5 Outlook
Bergen Village Bergen South South Checkpoint
Bergen North Ye Old Inn Also a teleporter to Cross Central
Maroon Valley East Entrance East Entrance
Maroon Oasis Maroon Tree
Overpass Arcing Stones
Great Scar Hourglass Pillar
West Entrance West Entrance
Temple Entrance Faj'ro Balcony
Ba'kii Kum Market Plaza Also a teleporter to Cross Central
Autumn's Fall Southern Exit Southern Exit
Village Remains Ruined Village
Eastern Exit Eastern Exit
Northern Exit Northern Exit
Para Island 1 Para Island
Vermillion Wasteland West Town Town Center This landmark becomes blocked on leaving the area
Gaia's Garden Jungle Entrance Southern Entrance
Vr'da Vil East Vr'da Vil
Infested Marshes South Infested Marshes
Royal Grove Royal Grove
Peridot Approach Peridot Approach
Rite of Passage Rite of Passage
Basin Keep Centrum Rainy City Square Also a teleporter to Cross Central
Sapphire Ridge Western Exit Western Exit
The Cave Inn The Cave Inn Also a teleporter to Cross Central
Carved Pathway Carved Pathway
Old Dojo Old Dojo
Ascension Temple Ascension Temple
Homestedt Centrum Plaza
Azure Archipelago Sandy Bar Airway Entrance
Rough Lagoon Lagoon Resort
Altar of the Key Altar Steps
Ku'lero Temple Outlook Center